Friday 29 May 2020

The Pilliga NSW

After leaving Narrabri, NSW we headed south to Gilgandra, NSW,
Along the way we had a rest in the Pilliga area which is also a National Park, no we didn't venture into the park as walking a fair distance is out of the question as we are past that!

The photos above and below are of the rest area where we got out and stretched out legs and had a walkabout.

Heading towards another town Coonabarrabran which we have stayed in for a few days in the past.
It's a lovely area coming through the mountains and hills.  There is a Telescope up on a mountain which we visited a few years ago. Siding Spring Telescope it's called and in the Warrumbungle National Park where there were bushfires a few years ago, as you can see the trees have regenerated...

The town clock in the middle of the roundabout the main street plus it's the Highway.
Below is the Visitors Information Centre which was another rest stop for us back in winter 2019.

The Pilliga NSW is that area with the red around it.

Wednesday 27 May 2020

Houses of Narrabri, NSW

More architecture in Narrabri, NSW.
The house below is closed due to Asbestos.
Other photos were of random houses as we drove by during our Sunday drive back in winter 2019.

The house below was once a shop because of it's verandah it's easy to tell.  Not many shops or corner shops left in the suburbs anymore.

Monday 25 May 2020

Buildings of Narrabri NSW

Narrabri is situated 560km north west of Sydney NSW. 
These days Narrabri is the administrative heart of the second richest agricultural Shire in Australia.  Cotton is a major crop, wheat, beef and lamb.
The town is tidy and the people are helpful and friendly.

The Court House in Narrabri NSW

Chinese Restaurant taken in panorama view on the phone.

The Doctor's Surgery above.
The Catholic Church below.

Friday 22 May 2020

Buildings of Narrabri, NSW

Back to Winter holiday 2019.
We came to Boggabilla NSW and it's a far north inland town in New South Wales. People about 550.
The Pub was for sales a few years ago, obviously someone bought it and turned it into the Wobbly Boot Hotel that also sells pizzas.

We arrived in Narrabri NSW and stayed a few nights giving us time to have a good look around.
The photos are of the main street on a Sunday and some of the buildings.
The town looks like it would on a week day with Covid-19.

Wednesday 20 May 2020

Hollybank Part2.

Part 2.
Hollybank Reserve.
The sun came out and cast the shadows of the tall trees.

Another type of fungi - a happy one I believe not to be touched.

A couple having lunch and on the other side of the Reserve is another picnic area.

The last of Autumn colour.

Holly and Hollybank, not much left I'm afraid.
The below photo is of the road our or into the Reserve.

Monday 18 May 2020

Hollybank, Launceston

Part 1.
First outing for while apart for essentials.
There will another part of Hollybank then I will return to last years holiday in winter.

Tasmania's first restriction lifted so:
Last Monday Tasmanian's were permitted from then on to visit National Parks and Reserves within 30 km from their homes for exercise purposes until further notice.
We fortunately have a few Reserves around within that mileage so we ventured to Hollybank, just 25km from home.  It's a walking area with lots of walking tracks, plus there is a cricket pitch of some sort, not very good, and lots of tables and seats for a picnic.
I exercised my right to take photos, I thought that was good exercise.
There are many tall trees of various kinds and of course being the end of Autumn the few autumn tree colours were just about gone.
Not a lot of colour there at Hollybank but certainly different coloured greens.
I've shown photos of Hollybank before probably last year, it always looks different.

The above tree is a wattle tree with new growth.

A bit of fungi

The loos.

The barbecue area and some wood to light a fire in the fireplace provided.

Friday 15 May 2020

Bellata, NSW

We drove through Bellata NSW to Narrabri.
Bellata is a small village of 529 people, it's an agriculture area. We didn't venture into the village, just kept going.
As you can see the ground is very dry and certainly not a great deal of colour.

We stopped for to have a walk in the area above, it's off to the side of the road, a 'rest area'.