Thursday 30 October 2014

Just Water!

Amongst the things that have gone right this year there of course have been some sad times plus 'things' that go wrong.

The other evening I went to the kitchen sink to peel the potatoes for dinner, the water from the tap wasn't flowing as good as it normally does, then it was discovered youngest son was running the water in the bath for his 2 year old son.  He turned those taps off, but still not enough water out of the kitchen tap.  Husband went and checked all the taps outside in the backyard, all was well.  I kept saying, no, not all is well.  Daughter in law went to her car out the front of the house, there is was discovered that her car had broken a pipe to the watering system in the lawn.  So hence the problem.  Water was turned off, husband and son fixed the pipe.  Water was collected from next door neighbours so dinner could be cooked for the 7 of us. 

Another tap outside decided to leak this morning once again.  A new tap is required.
Then before we went on holiday, husband broke another pipe by driving his 4 wheel drive over it.  That too is now repaired.  I hope that is the end of the Water problem.

Photo borrowed from the Internet

Wednesday 29 October 2014

Excitement in the House!

A new born early evening of October 27, to our eldest son and his wife - a Son :)  All doing well. So now they have two children, a daughter aged 2 and their new born.
We now have 5 grandchildren.  3 girls and 2 boys.

Photo taken this afternoon with me :) My husband used his phone for the photo.

Monday 27 October 2014


I quite like Subway, however I would rather the roll had butter spread on it because I find the roll always dry, no matter what town or city we are in.

When travelling we often call into a Subway if the town has one, and have Subway for lunch, but it becomes tiring after a while.  Sometimes we find a local bakery and buy sandwiches, or something else to eat and usually eat it in the bakery or outside in a dinning area.  We even take our lunch to a nice park that we may find, sit at the table and eat there. I have a husband who won't eat in the car :) A fussy Virgo!

This photo was taken from the car travelling down the road in Queensland at 110km...I was surprised it came out fairly clearly.

Friday 24 October 2014

Somerset Dam, Queensland.

On our way home from Queensland we passed the Somerset Dam plus the Lake where the water is stored.

The Dam is a mass concrete gravity dam with a gated spillway across the Stanley River that is located in the South East region of Queensland, Australia.
The scenery on the way to the dam and from the dam was picturesque.

Wednesday 22 October 2014

Visitors whilst in Queensland.

Whilst we were on our holiday, a blogger friend and her husband came to stay in the Apartment block where we stayed.  It was wonderful to meet them both for the very first time.  What a cheerful, happy couple.
You can visit her blog, Diane Adventure before Dementia here..

Photos taken on our 'night' out.

We two ladies.

Diane's husband on the left, my husband on the right.

Monday 20 October 2014

Good news!

It's been a great weekend in all.  Son got his job :) He commences this morning at 8am and finishes at 3pm, Monday to Friday with weekends off at this stage.  Times may change for next week.
Son, his wife and family have found a house to live in not that far from us, they move on November 1.
Eldest sons wife, we are counting the days for the newborn to arrive.

My husband and I brought most of the furniture to the city we live in and stored it for the time being, it will be sold, not that you get much for second hand furniture. The couple that bought the house have paid me for some of the furniture.

I had two friends help me yesterday at my late dads house in Devonport - well it's my house now which I sold in 3 days.  The settlement date is October 31. My friends, well one vacuumed up stairs, the other downstairs, then we tackled the hall cupboard, all done.  Wrapped most of the crockery which is Royal Dalton and Noritake dinner set x 2 both the same.  All that is left are the saucepan and cutlery drawers, then to be all wiped out.  I will be so pleased when finished.

Today I am to meet the plumber to replace the rubbers at the back of the toilets. So again I travel to Devonport being 5 days out of 7.  Can't stop in the house as the beds are in storage.

Today the two girls played outside for a while as the grandson aged 2 had his afternoon sleep.  These children have the bluest of eyes and long eye lashes.

Miss 8 year old and two of her dolls.

Below, miss 6 year old with her bubbles.

Thursday 16 October 2014


Many things happening in this house at the moment.

The family of 5 are still with us, but moving out and the end of this month or early next, will miss them when they go.  At least they won't be far away, not like before when they lived in Queensland.
It's so good that we all get on so well, even the little ones, the girls aged 8, 6 and the boy aged 2 are such a delight and so well behaved.  They ride their bikes up and down our driveway after school, talk to the boys next door who go to the same school which is just up the road about 1 km. We all spend much time laughing and I do believe we are very lucky to have such a happy family.  Eldest son and his wife and little one aged 2 are not left out either, a baby is due early November.

Sold the 4 wheel drive in two days to a cash buyer.
The sale of my late father's house is progressing beautifully and Settlement date is the end of this month. Remember it sold in 3 days.
Ordered a new 4 wheel drive, top of the range.
Looking at a caravan to buy in May next year, can't be delivered till then apparently, but just looking.

Son living here has a job interview in the country about 15 minutes away, so we are keeping our fingers crossed on that.  He has two other jobs, so if he's lucky enough he might have 3. Of course if he gets full time then he will have one.

The streetscape below is on the way into Melbourne, Victoria from the north.  I always like this 'fence' that is on the side of the freeway.  Don't know how long it is.  Took the photo from the window as husband was driving down at normal speed.

Monday 13 October 2014

Glass House Mountains. Queensland, Australia.

We have arrived home from Queensland, whilst there we visited the Glass House Mountains National Park.  It's a heritage-listed national park in the Australian State of Queensland, 70km (43mi) north of Brisbane.  
The Park was established in 1944.  In 2010 the Queensland Government announced the expansion of the park to include an additional 2,117 hectares.

Glass House Mountains were named by Captain James Cook as he sailed north up the coast of what is now Queensland in 1770 as part of his incredible voyage aboard his ship HM Bark Endeavour.  They were so called as the shape of the mountains reminded him of the huge glass furnaces (glasshouses) back in his native Yorkshire.  Info via Wikipedia.

Mt. Coonowrin is one of the Glass House Mountains.

Friday 10 October 2014

How much are you prepared to pay!

On our way south we called in to Wangaratta to spend the night.  We chose the Hotel/Motel with a Restaurant so we didn't have to go out for dinner.

I presented to the Receptionist, only one room available at $210.00 for the night. I told her that was far too expensive for a clean bed for one night. I was asked, "How much are you prepared to pay"?.
"I said $150.00". She went to the computer and informed me there was a room available for $165.00, so I said yes!

Weird how only one room was available, then all of a sudden one appeared from nowhere.

The meal in the dinning room was delicious.

Wednesday 8 October 2014

The Spit, Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast.

The Spit is located in Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast.  It's easy to find with a lovely beach.  The surrounding area is not crash hot for a holiday place.

A Marina is not far from the Spit, and that blue building is part of Underwater World where by there are creatures of the sea housed there.

Monday 6 October 2014

Sunshine Castle, Sunshine Coast.

Work commenced on the Castle in 1972, completed in 1973, it's a Norman/Medieval Castle. The Castle caters for Weddings and many functions including Opera.
The original throne from the set of Xena The Warrior Princess and Hercules which were filmed in New Zealand are on display.  There are fairytale displays and many doll displays with dolls from all walks of life and countries.  For us it was something different.

The Great Hall.

Have no idea who this man is, but I captured the moment.

This is the loo/toilet which was called the Privy, which was situated as far away from the chambers as practical and often had double doors to keep away the smell. The Privy was sited at the end of a short passage in an outside wall, similar to a balcony over a moat or river. The Privy had no glass and was completely open.  It was fitted with a wooden or stone bench with a hole in it.  Chutes were provided for the discharge which often lead to the Castle Moat.

Friday 3 October 2014

Maleny and Baroon Lake, Queensland.

Maleny is a quaint little town up the hill from the Sunshine Coast.  We spent a few hours walking the footpath, just up and down the street.  Lots of people about, many dinning at the table and chairs on the side of the foothpath.  If one happens to turn the wrong way could end up on a table in some areas.  Not wrapped in this type of dinning but of course many people are.

10 km's from Maleny is Baroon Lake which we visited.
Via Wikipedia - The Baroon Pocket Dam is an rock and earth-fill embankment dam with an un-gated spillway across the Obi Obi Creek, which is located in the South East region of Queensland, Australia. The main purpose of the dam is for potable water supply.

For me I have done the unthinkable :) showing two photos, my husband and myself at Baroon Lake.

One part of the footpath in Maleny.

A view from the hills.

View to the sea which can be seen.

Part of Baroon Lake.  It wasn't very pretty due to the water quality.  Apparently water skiing and other water sports are sometimes permitted, but due to water quality these activities has been suspended until further notice.

Wednesday 1 October 2014

Around and about!

A collection of photos taken around and about the Maroochydore area.  Some taken from the balcony where we are staying at Picnic Point in Maroochydore, Queensland. We have been here for just over 4 and 1/2 weeks and leave at the weekend to drive down to Melbourne, Victoria to catch the ferry home back to Tasmania, Australia.

This holiday is the one we had been waiting for, having changed it 5 times due to my father's illness, then his death at aged just over 90.  It's been a very restful holiday, having time to think things through and sort things out. 

Plenty of Pelicans about.  Some of them sit on top of the pole that holds two lights near enough opposite to where we are staying.

You can just see that pole where the Pelicans sit.

Men and their toys, their Jet Skis.

The houses, husband and wife plus their children live in them.

Apartments where people like us stay. I expect one or two people may live in them.  There is a height limit on the Sunshine Coast for the buildings, but I believe the Council is thinking of lifting it if the rate payers agree.