Friday 28 February 2020

The Peacock.

I do love Peacocks their colours and grace is amazing and forever hold my interest.
This beautiful creature I captured a few years ago at the Launceston Gorge about 10 minutes from the city.

We are off again on a short holiday in Tasmania for about 2 weeks so see you all when we return.
Be safe, stay well and enjoy yourselves.

Wednesday 26 February 2020

Airlie Beach, Queensland.

Airlie Beach is the Heart of the Reef and it's in the Tropics of Australia. Population is just over 1,200 people and it swells in the tourist season.
The beach area is popular with tourist many young ones for it's climate and the beach which is rather nice.
Last year when there I took lovely photos of the beach but can't find them - seems I've deleted them accidentally!  Oh well, never mind.
The main shopping area of Airlie Beach is at Cannonvale a few klm before you get to Airlie Beach.

A few accommodation places, there are many more.

The main beach which is very nice with palm trees, places to sit and have a barbecue and so on..
Below is another little beach just around the corner from the first beach.

Monday 24 February 2020

Shute Harbour, Queensland.

Shute Harbour is a small place about 125 people and the harbour is past Airlie Beach.
The Harbour is the gateway to the islands as seen in the map below.
Cyclone Debbie (a few years ago) paid a visit to Shute Harbour and surrounding areas, stripped the leaves off the palm trees and other trees, destroyed buildings, pontoons and so on.  The harbour is rather different these days than is was before Debbie paid a visit.

Friday 21 February 2020

Water Storage

There are two large water storage tanks in Bowen perched up on one of the hills, they can be seen from some distance away.  We found the road up to them and hence these photos. 

Wednesday 19 February 2020

A View

From the top of a hill near the caravan park is the view below.  This land is where tomatoes are grown in our winter, and in the second photo you can see a field of tomatoes growing from a distance.

Monday 17 February 2020

Dust Haze at Bowen, Queensland.

There are several hills in Bowen where one can take in the views, so this I did.  On the day these photos were taken was a 'dust haze' blown to the east by the drought.   Normally one would be able to see out to sea clearly.  This 'dust haze' lasted several days.

Above photo is of the supermarket, a jeweller shop, variety store, hairdressers, a clothing shop.

The above photo there are some salt piles there in the distance.

The photo below you can just see the graveyard.

Friday 14 February 2020

Beaches of Bowen

Some beaches at Bowen. Varies photos taken at some of those beaches.

Both photos taken from Flagstaff Hill a scenic point of Bowen.

The above beach taken on the way up to Flagstaff Hill.

Wednesday 12 February 2020

View from a beach.

A view from one of the beaches at Bowen where we had a picnic lunch in winter last year.
The jetty is about 750m long, people walk along the jetty and fish from it.

People taking photos, other resting at lunchtime.

Monday 10 February 2020

Birds of Bowen, Queensland

We drove from Ayr in Queensland to Bowen about 1 hour 30 minute drive after several days, thus we were heading south.
We've stayed in Bowen several times so there are several posts on Bowen from past years, this time taking photos of something different.

A few birds came into the caravan park in the late afternoon, to capture the birds I decided to sit outside with my camera and hopefully get a close up..

The first 3 photos are of the Australian Rosella parrot. Sorry they are Rainbow Lorikeets. Thanks David.

Don't know the name of the bird below.

This seagull amused us.  We had lunch on the table at the beach and all these seagulls came to visit wanting something to eat.  The seagull on the table (both photos of one seagull, it's the same one)
was with all the other seagulls on the table but this one shooed all the others off and they didn't dare to come back on the table, some tried but they got pecked off....just amazing to watch.

Someone might know why the 'one' seagull did this.