Sunday 29 January 2012

What can I say?

What can I say about my amazing day! Saturday.

Always an honour to see and be present when a baby is was no exception, today was extra special because I was present when my 3rd grandchild was born.
My daughter in law to be gave birth to a healthy boy today, both are back home from hospital this evening.

The circumstances of the baby's birth was amazing.
I was driving my daughter in law to be (son was at work) with their 2 little girls in their seats when the baby decided to come. We were on our way to the hospital, but fell rather short of it. I had to park on the side of the Motorway and help with the birth, when baby was born all was well but of course I then rang the ambulance, and off mum and baby went to hospital to check things out before returning home.
One thing is I kept my cool, for I do that because I was trained that way in one of my professions.

I wonder how many other Nan's or Grandmother's in recent times have been present at a birth of their grandchild with the mother not being their daughter!

Friday 27 January 2012

Shield Huntsman Spider!

Came across this Shield Huntsman Spider this morning on the fly wire screen door.
Killed it with fly spray. R.I.P
Looked on the net & a photo with a description was the same as my photo.

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Monday 23 January 2012

Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is a lovely place to be. Weather is humid and warm which I really like.
I am staying with my youngest son and his partner till after their 3rd child is born. Of course we don't know when that will be exactly :)
Today was the first day of school for my eldest grandchild - yes, I was there, also today she has a loose tooth, in fact 2 loose teeth. I expect the fairies will vist soon. Her younger sister missed her whilst she was at school and told us so.
I have been up here for a week having a lovely time, it's certainly something different for me.
My husband won't fly, so he is looking after my father for me :)

Wednesday 18 January 2012

Marmite...Why We Can't Buy It.

Amazing! After doing a post about Marmite & how much I like it, I CAN'T BUY IT!
I contacted the Manufacture via email and received a reply which is as quoted:

'Unfortunately our factory was damaged badly in the NZ earthquakes and we are currently not able to produce Marmite.  At this time we do not know when production will start again.  It will be a long time until it is back on shelf'.

This morning I tried Vegemite, but only a very light spreading.

Monday 16 January 2012

Sunshine Coast

A couple of photos taken in winter on the Sunshine Coast, which is in Queensland, Australia. This is the area where our youngest son lives...


Saturday 14 January 2012


Marmite is an Australian 'thing' along with England and New Zealand and a few other countries.
A link to Wikipedia where more can be read about it.
Marmite is a bitter taste and only a scraping is suffecient for me on my toast in the morning time.  Marmite is also nice on fresh bread.  You either like Marmite or you don't!

Part of the ingredients

The contents.

Wednesday 11 January 2012

Eating Out!

It's good to eat a meal out at a Restaurant, to have something different however there are Restaurant and Restaurants. Many of them have what I cook at home, so hence I prefer something different which is often a little hard to find at times.

Often I am asked to go out for breakfast - not a good idea, no Restaurant has Marmite & Toast.  I have been eating Marmite & Toast ever since I can remember for breakfast.
I once ventured out for breakfast and oh my goodness, the Toast was soggy, just brown on either side certainly not to my taste...the Tea was like dishwater, not that I have actually drunk that.

Lunch out, well not one for a light meal at lunchtime, I prefer something very light and healthy, not many Restaurants cater for me, no, I am not fussy I eat most things.  I could no more eat Sausages or such for they are not a favourite food of mine.

Dinner in the evening well that is another story when eating out....Entree, Main and not often sweets.

As for a Cup of Tea, they are hard to find. People who drink Coffee have it made, so I believe but Tea drinkers like me, mostly have to go without because I haven't come across any Restaurant with a person in the kitchen who can make a good cuppa!

When travelling, that is another story!

Thursday 5 January 2012

Great Days Ahead!

Great days behind me, great days ahead of me!

Have had my dad staying with us before Christmas and after, then we wandered down/up the road about 1 hours drive to stay with my dad and have been home a day or two, who's counting!
Living with a legally blind man is very interesting even though he can see shadows out the corner of one of his eyes. He can't tell a male from a female until they speak.
Can't always have the TV on some days or evenings, this causes his eyes to draw out of their sockets, so he says.  
Lights have to be dimmed or not on at all.
Everything has to be put in the same place each time.
Each drink has to be poured especially in our house, dad can't see when the cup/glass is full.
Walking on his own has gone by the wayside when out and about, so it's hanging onto my arm in the special way that blind people do along with his white cane.

The past 3 years for me have been wonderful, living with my father in another city, living at home with my husband - juggling the two homes I have without a fuss.  Says something for my husband.  Once in a while he travels and stays with me at my dads house which is a large two storey house with a wonderful view of Bass Strait.  
We sit at the dinning room table and watch the Spirit of Tasmania sail past each evening sometimes we see it twice a day in the busy season. The sea can be seen from nearly every room in the house.

My husband and I are becoming grandparents again, twice this year and I am off to Queensland soon to be there before the birth, being our youngest sons and his partner's 3rd child, and it's to be a 'boy' as they have two girls.
This year they intend to get married in winter so another trip to Queensland.
My husband is going to take care of my father whilst I am gone for the birth.

When I return there is a birthday - I will be home before that, dad will be 88 years of age, and he's as sharp as a tack and uses his treadmill most days, his iPod earplugs listening to music as he treads :)