Monday 29 June 2020

Echuca, Victoria

From Wodonga we drove across to Echuca through farmland, a beautiful drive for the day.
Echuca is a town on the banks of the Murray River and Campaspe River in Victoria.  The border town of Moama is adjacent on the northern side of the Murray River in NSW.
Echuca is the administrative centre for the area.  Population is about 15,000 people and combined with Moama just over 21,000 people.

Echuca is a popular tourist place, you can catch a paddle steamer to go for a cruise up the Murray River, unfortunately these days you can't get to see a paddle steamer from the banks.

The photos are of a small part of the Murray River which is rather dirty and you can see the level of water is down.

Saturday 27 June 2020

Twin Cities

Albury has just over 49,000 people and is the main area for shopping within the farming area.
Below is the train station, then one of the main streets taken through the car window along with a building in the 4th photo.
Wodonga in Victoria is about 300klm from Melbourne, so back in winter 2019 we were not that far from the ferry to get back home.

Below is Wodonga which has about 35,000 people but also a busy main street.  Photo is of one of the major supermarkets being Woolworths.

People came into the caravan park late in the evening and quickly set up their tent.
Love the trees.

Thursday 25 June 2020

Wodonga, Victoria

From Temora NSW we headed in Winter 2019 to Wodonga in Victoria, you just keep driving through the border, there is a small sign when coming into Victoria that says, Welcome to Victoria, if you blinked you would miss the sign.
It's about a 2 hour 40 minute drive which is just a nice drive for the day.
We headed to a different Caravan Park in Wodonga where we stayed the very first time we came to Wodonga some years prior, the caravan was nice and had different managers.

It was washing day, even though clothesline were provided near the laundry I preferred to do my washing in my washing machine in the caravan and my husband put the clothes line up under the awning. 
There are 3 photos of the caravan park.


Went for a drive to Albury which is in NSW just over the border from Wodonga in Victoria, the two towns are called Twin Cities.
Photos from inside the vehicles to show the beautiful trees in Albury NSW.

Monday 22 June 2020

More Museum

More of the Museum in Temora, the last for the time being.  Later on in the year there will be more posts of the museum.

Below is a bed and buggies.

The shearing shed and the stencils that are used for branding.

Old radios used by the Ambulance people in years gone past, plus old telephones.
Below are Ambulances of the past, so many the big shed had a job to hold them all plus they are all different.

Old machinery and so many lawn movers from various years, models and designs.

Pianos, organs all different from years ago, many models  plus speakers below, old radios, tape recorders and the list goes on.

Sewing machines of old  plus all kinds of sewing gear.
Washing machines below, fridges, never seen so many different washing machines from different eras all in one place.

Old tins, some I remember seeing.  If you click on the photos you will see them better.
Below are school desks once used years ago, you can see the inkwell in the middle and I remember the boys used to put our curls into the inkwell if our hair was long enough...yes, I just remember that!

Friday 19 June 2020

Oh Gosh!

Where does one begin with this magnificent museum in Temora, NSW.
It has just everything in it, it's large and takes a long time to view all the displays.  Never have I seen such items in the museum that I've never seen before, and how wonderful it was to see things from way back in time, some of those things my grandmother used to use and my great-mother, I can just remember the latter :)
Most of the items on show were donated by a family and families.
I'm showing a few photos over a few posts but won't bore you with all of it.

Remember if you wish to view these photos in more detail please click on the photo and it will enlarge.

A typical bedroom way back in time.

Above is a scene inside the building with wedding dresses, crockery you name it, it was there.

The old petrol or gasoline bowser and below is an old operating table.

Above  is a Sauna! 
Below are Steam Engines.

The printing press and an old telephone.

Wednesday 17 June 2020

Churches x 2 in Temora, NSW

St. Mary's Catholic Church in Temora, it was locked.
Next photo is the Catholic School.
Second last photo is the main street in Temora.

The school belonging to St. Mary's above,
Trinity Lutheran Church below.

The race horse called Paleface Adios was a harness racing horse who was a pacer throughout the 1970's and early 1980's.  Can remember hearing about the horse back then.

Monday 15 June 2020

Temora, NSW

Started off with the new blogger for this post all was well but couldn't make my photos larger.  Have send feedback as it's asked for.  Came back to old blogger to make photos larger :)

Just down the road in Temora we came across this poor house, oh dear, to think someone lived in there once and was probably their pride and joy, beautiful homes across the road.

Went to the showgrounds where there is a caravan park within it but certainly not as nice as where we stayed.  Came across this shelter for whatever it's for.

Entry to the Airport and to the right the caravan park.

Sorry about the sun, it was in the wrong place but it was good to have it out.  This is where we parked, we had power.
The building below is an office for the Airport and to the right the showers and toilets.

Love this tree, so healthy.
The below houses are along the drive away from the airport, many of these houses have hangers at the back of them with small planes but I couldn't manage to get a photo.