Monday 10 August 2009

Through My Eyes

Shopping at the supermarket with my 85 year old father is rather fun, for he is discovering new things 'through my eyes'.

so off we go shopping and trolley he does push
up each aisle, but along the way
he stops and says,
"daughter, what is that shape, what does it say"?
i say, "feel it father, feel what shape it is",
he puts both hands out to touch it, with a smile upon his face

"it feels like plastic, daughter but tell me, what's inside it"?,
say I father, "it's peaches in slices",
he said, "oh you don't say, peaches always came in tins",
i said, "not always these days, father"
he pushes the trolley and see the shapes of people
man or women, he said he can't tell

i asked him would he like some potato chips
the reply was, "your mother wouldn't buy those"
well i said, "let's give them a try,
you can sit and listen to the cricket
whilst you eat your chips",
another big smile came upon his face

"what are those things on the shelf, daughter"?
i explain each item, what it's used for
what the ingredients are, he listens with interest
and he asks more, seems I never stop talking,
now when we go shopping he has memorized
where most things are :)