Friday 15 February 2019

What a life!

Must say we are off again but travelling to the north west coast, down to Hobart Tasmania's Capitol for a family picnic in Hobart, then up the east coast to Bridport and home.  We are taking 3 weeks.
See you all when I return and look after yourselves.

Wednesday 13 February 2019

Little history of Mackay.

This past year in 2018 we visited Mackay once again which is on the Eastern side of Australia.

A little history on Mackay from Wikipedia.
'One of the first white settlers to travel through the Mackay region was Captain James Cook, who reached the Mackay coast on June 1, 1770 and named several local landmarks, including Cape Palmerston, Slade Point and Cape Hillsborough.  It was during this trip that the Endeavour's botanist, Sir Joseph Banks, briefly recorded seeing Aboriginal people.

In 1918, Mackay was hit by a major tropical cyclone causing severe damage and loss of life with hurricane force winds and a large storm surge. The resulting death toll was further increased by an outbreak of bubonic plaque.
The largest loss of life in an Australian aircraft accident was a B17 aircraft, with 40 of 41 on board perishing, on June 14, 1943, after departing from Mackay Aerodrome, and crashing in the Bakers Creek area.

Down by the Marina is this lighthouse and to the right several restaurants .

Just an odd sculpture I suppose you would call it with greenery growing.

The above photo shows the way to some apartments that over look the marina and not too expensive at that.

The way to get to your boat.

Can't remember what the fruit is called, maybe someone might know?

Monday 11 February 2019

Sunset and trees

The Caravan Park sunset with the palm trees, the park was nearly empty most mornings by 10am and filled up by 5pm most days.
At the moment Mackay is having flouds. Australia is such a diverse country, one end of it has floods, the other end bush fires.

The beach below is just around the corner from Black Beach as you can see the tide was out.
The boat looks worse for wear, but I guess someone loves it.

Friday 8 February 2019

Black Beach, Mackay Queensland.

Have been to Mackay many times when travelling and we could see this large expanse of beach but never knew which road to take - finally we did and was rather disappointed.  The beach is far below the road, the parking area spaces is small, but then again I expect people don't often swim in the sea here due to the creatures that will mostly likely sting us.

Building some steps down to the beach.

The car park.

Wednesday 6 February 2019

Mackay Botanic Gardens.

The opening of The Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens was in May 24, 2003 and much has been done to improve the gardens since then.

Continuing our holiday in 2018.  These gardens are in Queensland.

The first photo is one of the entrances.  Found it pleasant sitting on the seats provided throughout the gardens, it was a warm day in winter at 30 deg C.

Date palms and one of the walkways to the gardens plus the cafe which is not open early in the week.

A way to the gardens below

Along the way

A lagoon and some flowers

Monday 4 February 2019

Down by the Bridge.

What lovely place Campbell Town is in Tasmania.  This old Red Bridge is the oldest surviving arched bridge in Australia as it's used as a National Highway.  The bridge was finished in 1838 and built by convicts.
It's here where people with self-contained vehicles and caravans can park for a night or two for free.
We stopped here for just a look on our way home from the beach the other week parking under the trees as it was a hot day.

Friday 1 February 2019

Sunset on Sunrise Beach, Tasmania

Sunset on Sunrise Beach at Swansea facing east.
The first photo is the last one I took of the sunset, the others as the sunset began.
The last two photos were taken on another beach after the sunset!

Below, after the sunset on another beach.