Friday 30 April 2021

Sunset, Huonville

A sunset is always pleasant more so on a warm evening.  We were sitting outside watching and taking in the scenery, so snapped these shots at the caravan park.

Wednesday 28 April 2021

Easter in Huonville, Tasmania

Easter Sunday the Easter Bunny with a large bag filled with Easter Eggs arrived via a Helicopter.  The Bunny scattered the Easter Eggs in a large area and children with small containers scooped them all up.
Then after that there was an Easter Egg hunt within the Caravan  Park then followed in the afternoon a hunt for a 'ticket' which was deep in the sand by the river, the finder of that ticket won a Hamper of meat, fruit and veggies along with more Easter Eggs.
Where our caravan was situated we had a marvelous view of people digging in the sand whilst we just sat and watched.
The last photo is of children just playing.



Monday 26 April 2021

On our way at Easter time 2021

Hope everyone is well. 
So fortunate here in Tasmania, Australia to be able to travel within our State and now within Australia and being able to travel to the country of New Zealand without quarantining between each State and Territories or New Zealand (New Zealand is not part of Australia) - however, there is a lock down in Western Australia for 3 days as there was a case of Covid-19, a traveller returning home to Australia who is in quarantine.  There are still many Australians overseas who wish to return home even after this long time of over a year.
So we headed off the Tuesday before Easter for Huonville with our caravan in tow on our own for a few weeks holiday which turned into being longer 😁😁😁 
First stop and only stop on our 4 hour journey was at Ross for lunch, the usual stop we make and to buy a Scallop Pie for lunch which we ate down by the Ross Bridge.