Thursday 28 July 2022


Sheffield murals which there are plenty with a mural festival later this year.  Artists come from various areas of Tasmania and mainland Australia to paint. These murals I've never photographed or shown before.
These murals are just a few in a parking area just before you come to the town.

Sunday 24 July 2022


Railton is the name of the town and is about 20km from Devonport here in Tasmania, Australia.  These topiary's in my opinion need a bit of tender loving care and some I didn't bother to take photos of at all because they had totally lost their shape.  Hope someone attends to them in our springtime. 
Railton is a small country town with a few shops and lots of farmland in the area.

Wednesday 20 July 2022


Continuing the drive through the Gunns Plains area in North Western Tasmania in April, 2022
A typical old farm house with the trees acting as wind breaks.
2nd and third photo some cows which were far away.

Old machinery on display and below a small vineyard.


Saturday 16 July 2022

Gunns Plains Area

Went for another drive whilst on holiday in April, 2022.  This time we ventured to the area of Gunns Plains where the Leven River flowers inland.  Shown are photos of the farming area within the hills and on the hills.

Bannon Creek below.  The sign says 'No Camping' but there you are, someone didn't take any notice of that sign.

Tuesday 12 July 2022

Headed to Preston Falls

Whilst on our holiday in Devonport we went to Preston Falls inland, the water was only a trickle so we didn't venture right into the falls even though it was a short walk.  The sign at Ulverstone tells how far it is.
The second last photo is a little blurry as it was very dark looking into the bush there and I forgot to change the settings on my camera.
The last photo is part of a 'manfern' which grows in that area as well as many other areas.


Friday 8 July 2022

Odds and Ends

A few odds and ends of our holiday away in February and March this year, 2022 in Tasmania on the North West Coast at Devonport and Ulverstone.

This is a pathway all along what is called 'The Bluff', it goes for a long way, bikeriders use it as in families, walkers and dog lovers with their dogs always on a leash. 

At Picnic Point, the above steps to one of the beaches, and part of the caravan park.  You see the post on the left, that is where you get your electricity and the tap is what you put your water hose to the caravan and each site has these.

Came across these flowers which were on a very big tree, there were several of them down by the sea.  Have no idea what the tree/s are called they did look lovely.

Monday 4 July 2022

Hawley Beach, Tasmania

Photos of Hawley Beach near Port Sorell and not too far from Devonport, Tasmania Australia.
Once upon a time Hawley Beach or the township was very small and shacks were 'the thing' on the risen bank, these days beautiful houses have been built to replace those shacks and further land became available for houses to be built.  There is a supermarket chain and other stores situated at Hawley.
We spend several holidays in school holiday time when our children were small at this beach, it's where our sons learned to ride their bikes on the hard sand.  Good memories.

Someone fishing along with his car on land.