Thursday 30 May 2019

Snow on the Island

Tasmania is having a cold snap at moment.  Found some photos of snow taken in the last 24 hours by people, so I have borrowed them.

It doesn't snow where I live and it's wonderful to see snow as I've only been in it a handful of times in my life.

Snow on the island falls on the mountains and up in the highlands but it doesn't stay for long, a few days then it's all gone till the next cold snap.

A lady went for a walk up Mt. Wellington which Hobart is at the foot of.  These are two of her photo.

Then there is Cradle Mountain in the North West of Tasmania which many visitors come to see, the photo below is of the road on the way.

The road to Hartz Mountain which is 84 klm south west of Hobart.

Wednesday 29 May 2019

Franklin, Tasmania

Came through Franklin on our way back to Huonville after the daily drive south.
Franklin is a small village on the western side of the Huon River in the south-east of Tasmania, between Huonville and Geeveston.

There are a couple of Island between the two shores, Egg Islands.

On the way into Hobart Tasmania's Capital City in the south.

Hobart's Town Clock

We are on our way home to the north of the Island.

Monday 27 May 2019

Geeveston, Tasmania

After Southport we headed north to a small town called Geeveston which was a timber town way back.  Nearby is the Tahune Airwalk which is promoted as 'the longest tall tree walk in the world'.  Unfortunately this year there was a massive fire down Geeveston way with the Tahune Airwalk being damaged, it will re open later.

Called into Geeveston and had lunch at a Cafe in the Main Street.
These two statures are but a few scattered around the town.

Inside the cafe below is this collection of teapots.
The Cafe has a look of the old charm.

Across the road is this building with the chemist to the right plus the statue of the Chemist above.

A couple of photos of Southport at a lookout area and in the distance you can see Bruny Island one of Tasmania's Islands which is very popular with tourist.
Below a closeup but didn't used my tripod and should have. 

Friday 24 May 2019

Southport, Tasmania

Continuing to drive further south from Huonville we came across Southport which is below Dover here in Tasmania.

Southport these days is more a holiday village and fishing area for the locals of which there are about 135 people.  Many holiday homes are located along the foreshore and certainly not over crowded.
Further south is Cockle Creek which is as far as one can go in a vehicle in Tasmania, of course there are walking tracks to the end of the Island.
Once shore based whaling took place at Southport.

Photos are of Southport as we drove along the road taken from various places, it was trying to rain but it didn't.

Wednesday 22 May 2019

Huonville River, Tasmania

The Huon River below is a perennial river which means it is a stream or river (channel) that has continuous flow in parts of it's stream bed all year round during years of normal rainfall.
The river is 174 km (108 mile) long.

We set off for a drive around the Huon area, the river is on the edge of Huonville, it was a lovely day and people in the boat were doing a cruise up the river.

Monday 20 May 2019

At Huonville Caravan Park.

We heard about the 'train' at Margate so a detour was in order to visit this train that was advertised well.  Such a disappointment, only a few of the carriages were open for business, some were empty so certainly wasn't worth the detour to visit.
A good idea though, old carriages with business's inside..

Arrived at Huonville before lunch as we didn't have that far to travel. Went to the caravan park in Huonville which was just ever so beautiful.  Never have we seen such green, green grass.
The owners made us welcome, had a joke or two then set off to our caravan site.

Photos are of the caravan park and Mountain River that flows through the park.

Son setting up this caravan, ours to the right.
Each night we had a fire, and we often ate in the dark by the fire, depends on what we were having.

There is a Zoo not far from the park.  At the park there is a mini farm along with some Tasmanian Devils in an approved enclosure and all are fed at 4pm daily.

Friday 17 May 2019

Richmond Churches, Tasmania.

On Easter Saturday at Richmond, Tasmania we decided to visit two Churches.
First is St. John's Catholic Church which was built in 1836 and is regarded as being the oldest Catholic Church in Australia.
There is a school attached to the Church both being near the Richmond Bridge.

The photo directly below is of the doorway to the Richmond Goal which I covered extensively in 4 posts in June 2016.

St. Luke's Anglican Church below which was built in 1834 so being older than the Catholic Church in Richmond.

These boxes are attached to the pillars being very visible on the way out the Church.

Wednesday 15 May 2019

Richmond Bridge, Tasmania

Richmond in Tasmania is to me such a pretty town especially in autumn.  It's one of the nicest towns in Australia in my opinion.
Richmond is small with about 990 people. 
The town is about 25km from Hobart in the Coal River region, between the Midlands Highway and Tasman Highway.
The famous landmark is the Richmond Bridge, built in 1823 to 1825 around the time of the town's first settlement.

The bridge is just a stone's throw from the shopping center so it's a nice walk or one can go by car and park near the bridge.

The Header photo is of the Richmond Bridge.

Photos are of the bridge from one side to the other and from top one side to the other.