Saturday 18 February 2012

88th Birthday Today. Happy Birthday, Dad!

It's my dads 88th birthday today. Amazing!  My husband and I are going out to dinner this evening to Celebrate along with a few of my dads friends.

For those that don't recall, my dad is legally blind, has a stairwall which he goes up and down quicker than I can, also he pegs his washing on the clothes line without help, uses his treadmill several times a week and of course lives in his own home a two story house over looking the sea.

There is a car in the garage for my use when I stay down there each week, I live at my father's house plus my own house of course not at the same time :) my husband  sometimes comes with me to dads and stays.

So Happy Birthday Dad - May there be many more.

Wednesday 15 February 2012


Years ago as in once upon a time when dial-up was the only way to connect to the internet I discovered that I could make things on my computer, those things were called graphics. With lots of fiddling and patience I made many things with the software I bought, some software to make graphics was and is free.

This evening I went to make the graphic below but couldn't remember how I did it, lucky for me I found written down how I did it...The graphic colour comes from a photo of one of my flowers.

Tuesday 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone.  I have spend a short time making a few graphics for Valentine's Day.  If anyone wishes to share them, I don't mind :)  Just be happy.


Friday 10 February 2012

The Old Homepage!

This story is just nearly old enough to be 'Once Upon a Time'

Long ago when the internet came to my Island I started surfing the net, came across 'homepages' free information on how to make a homepage.  This got me thinking for at that time, my husband and I owned a Garden Centre/Nursery (my 2nd Profession).
We had a long talk and I decided that I would make a Gardening Homepage with lots of free information about plants along with photos, which I managed to do.
We sold plants to the other side of the world online which amazed me, because we are talking 1996 from memory. Even with Quarantine we still made a profit, and it was late at night that I did my emails and answered questions online, updating The Homepage every week, something I enjoyed.  This is also when I started to take my photography seriously.

All of this homepage was done by myself, I taught myself somehow, and it all came together.

When we sold the business I continued updating the homepage as information & photos only until my ISP stopped giving free 'space' for a homepage.

The Homepage was the first business online on this island of Tasmania, Australia to have one, and an article was written in the local newspaper about my husband and myself, plus our success online as well as our nursery and retail nursery/garden centre.

Stationery was a problem when getting it printed.  I insisted that we had our email address plus the homepage address on our business cards, invoices & statements...Printing firms did not have the - ~ - that was needed so a hyphen was used and this went on for a few years.

Remembering back then there was only a couple of Accounting/Statement software programs to begin with which were not to my liking, then along came M.Y.B.O which means, Mind Your Own Business.