Friday 30 January 2015

Pasties Tasmanian Style.

Australian Pasties are not Cornish ones, though similar.

In many States and Territories within Australia they can’t be bought because no one cooks them.  They the pasties are made of pasty for the outer and inside is diced potato, grated carrot, and a few peas, plus minced beef or finely chopped beef along with spices. Usually tomato sauce is plastered all over as people do for pies, but not me, as I don't like or eat tomato sauces.  
The ones I buy here in Tasmania are delicious, not greasy.  We don’t often have one for lunch but once in a while it’s nice.  When we travel, you always want one :) 

Wednesday 28 January 2015

Across the Road

The man across the road was going down a street near home and had an accident.  By looking at his vehicle one wouldn't know except for two flat tyres.  Apparently underneath the car the damage is extensive likely making the 'Ute' right off according to a mechanic. 

A car parked on the side of the road, another car coming in another direction and neighbour travelling along the road and one of them didn't give way! So hence the neighbour ran into the side of the road, the concrete kerb to be exact.  Knowing him he would have been travelling too fast.

 Back Tyre

Front Tyre

The Ute is parked facing the wrong way, but that doesn't matter for it's where it had to be towed.

Monday 26 January 2015

Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm.

Today is Australia Day, a public holiday.  So we do all things Australian.
Australia Day marks the Anniversary of the Fleet of British Ships arrival in the State of New South Wales (NSW) in 1788.

 Yes, that's me in the flag. I did that.

Had lunch at Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm the other day with friends.  There is a small restaurant undercover, then the next part is joined on but has louver roof which was open, and windows and wood around, then of course outside under some trees were tables.  It's a popular place in the country just off the highway to Devonport, and many people call for breakfast after driving off the ship, The Spirit of Tasmania, the ferry from Devonport to Melbourne.

We all had Chicken and Prawns, then I had Ice cream Sundae with Raspberries.

After lunch we all went for a walk in the grounds by the pond.

Saturday 24 January 2015

Ashgrove Cheese Farm

A fun day in the country where we visited a cheese factory with two of our friends.
An Award Winning Cheese. A link to the website

My husbands best friend, my husband (in the middle) and his cousin, wife of my husband best friend, she is also my best friend.  This couple first met at our house years ago.

These painted cows, well, different!

The above cheese is one thing we bought.  It tastes delicious.

They sell Vodka


Tea, Chocolates, Pickles, Beetroot and various other Tasmanian products.
All photos taken with my phone.

Thursday 22 January 2015

Trip to the City Park. Launceston.

When the grandchildren stayed for the night we took them on separate days to the Launceston City Park.  It always looks different, and is a pleasure to walk in.

All these photos were taken with my phone it saved me taking either of my cameras.

Poppy and Miss 6 in the Conservatory. 

Poppy and Miss 8 in the Rotunda.

The play area for the children.

The Children's Loo.

The Dahlia's not far from the Conservatory.

These two photos I have posted similar before.

Tuesday 20 January 2015

Eating out.

On our travels within the Island we often eat out at a restaurant having a light lunch or a buy sandwiches or a pastie and eat the latter two in the vehicle or at a picnic table. We both enjoy these outings immensely.  Never have been one to take photos of the food we eat, I remembered to recently with my phone.

Never used to eat sweets once as in dessert, but lately I do but it does depend on what the dessert is..
I find it interesting about the cutlery for dessert down this end of the world.  I prefer to use a fork for dessert which is odd, but, when the table is set there is never a fork, just a spoon so I always have to ask.  Then when visiting other peoples houses for dinner in the evening, there is never a fork with dessert, so off I go again, asking.
I always have a spoon and a fork at home, and so did my parents.  What do you have?

This is Chicken and Prawn Wonton which was delicious and certainly not filling.

So into the ice cream and chocolate topping (3 scoops), then I had had enough to eat till dinner time.

Sunday 18 January 2015

Railton Topiary, Tasmania, Australia.

My husband and I went for a drive the day after the grandchildren went home (the two girls) and we were gone for 8 hours.  Headed to the North West Coast and ended up inland traveling through many small towns, one such town was Railton, town of Topiary.  Having been through Railton several times had no idea all this topiary was around as I expect I kept my eyes on the road when driving through on my own.
Railton and surrounding area is mostly farming. Railton itself has about 900 people.

The elephant with the Christmas decorations still attached. The main street.

This jockey and horse was attached to a house.

Train in the main street.

The War Memorial with 3 soldiers in the main street.

The numbers of someones' house long time before Railton.

A shark.

There is a small paddock with lots of topiary including a Tasmania Devil which I haven't shown.

Thursday 15 January 2015

The visitors!

We have had two grandchildren staying with us for a few day, Miss 8 and Miss 6...they bought their dolls and I bought them one each, so many hours was spent playing with the dolls.

I asked myself, how do you play with dolls, exactly what do you do?
Watching the two girls, imagination is the key!

Hands, part arms, clothes, shoes, dresses, earrings, necklaces all get pulled or taken off.  The hair, well that's another issue - it was, 'Nan or Nanny, would you like to play'?  Method in this was, 'can you do the hair please, Nan'? Of course I just loved this, so out came the brush, the hairbands and my fingers were working making ponytails, plaits and so on.
Then the three of us 'played dolls', pretending to be dolls we talked differently, asked questions with the imagination running riot, it was enjoyed with great laughter and many smiles, and lots of hugs.

Photos taken with my phone.

Monday 12 January 2015

The Sidling, near Scottsdale, Tasmania.

The Sidling near Scottsdale in the North Easter of Tasmania is a winding road, a highway of about 63km (39m). Not far from Scottsdale there is a parking area for a rest, or to view the view.
Dairy farming, poppy fields, potatoes and vegetables and mixed farming is the norm of this town.
These photos were taken the same day when we visited the Lavender Farm.

Zoomed in to take this photo of what is below the Rest Area. The view is similar to the North East and South East.

In this area the natives are in bloom.  We don't know what the flower is called.

For those who haven't seen our signs.  Bridport is a North Eastern seaside area, as is St. Helens to the East.

Saturday 10 January 2015

Lavender Farm in 2015

Bridestowe Lavender Farm we visited this year, last post two years ago here.
It's a big farm spreading north, south, east and west.  Up hills and down.
The sun plays a large part of the colour of the lavender, and this year was no different.

The Denny family from England settled in the Lilydale area, they brought with them Lavender seeds from the French Alps, Lavandula Angustifolia (the true French Lavender.) before their journey.  They chose Lilydale due to it's climate similar to where Lavender was grown in France.  Eventually the farm was moved to it's present site which is not that far from Lilydale.

The fields contain about 650,000 plants.  The total length of the rows is estimated to be 200km, (124m).

This Oak tree was planted in 1881.

The sun was under but peeking through on the left of the photo.

A selfie with the stick :) The farm is popular with Chinese visitors.

Part of the gift shop.  There is also a restaurant which servers Lavender flavour food and also without.

Wednesday 7 January 2015

Ben Lomond Part 2

Continuation of the day trip to Ben Lomond on the hot day.

The view from the top.

The hairpin bends.

One of the views from the lookout.

On the side of the path to the lookout, flowers.

The very small village which consists of accommodation, Cafe, Ski hire.

A closer look at accommodation.

The Cafe on the left and in the middle the Ski hire place.

You can just see the pole where the ski lift goes.