Monday 25 February 2013

The Carrick Inn

The first land grant in Carrick was in 1818 and the Liffy River runs past Carrick. The village has a very small population.  Recently we went to the Carrick Inn (Pub) for dinner. The pub was first licensed in 1883 and not a great deal has changed however, a new bar plus an eight ball room have been added in recent times. 
The meals are good being cooked by an Italian Chef and the current licensee is Irish.

 Photo was taken in the dark, I should have taken it when we first arrived.

Very casual dress, and I was amazed to find this Singer sewing machine bottom part of our table, there were several of these.  Can't say I care for the dust :)

Wednesday 13 February 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

Made this graphic over the past few weeks for Valentine's Day 14 February 2013.
Also a wallpaper for my phone of same graphic.
Can't recall much about Valentine's Day when I was a younger, I believe I had heard of it but that was all. It's a great day for florists and one of their money making days :)

Sunday 10 February 2013

Oil Painting in Photoshop CS6

Whilst staying at my dads house I discovered 'Oil Painting' in Photoshop CS6.
I am always fiddling with something and do most of that in the evening time after my father has gone to bed. So this time I have fiddled with some of my photos, but from a bit of a distance they look nicer.

Road to a Wilderness.

Tamar River. The hill that leads to the Gorge.

Nandina growing in the garden.

A Rotunda in the City Park.  Launceston, Tasmania, Australia