Sunday 27 August 2023

The Mall

A few photos of the Mall in the City of Launceston and those little creatures that some people fall over.
Those statues or whatever you call them are sculptures of Tasmanian Tigers now extinct. There were even smaller ones in the same area but they have been removed because people has been tripping over them, now the ones shown in the photos they are to be removed too and all taken to the Civic Square where they will be placed up higher so no one trips over them.

Wednesday 23 August 2023


Was driving down the Connector Road which connects Hobart Road to the Bass Highway (to Hobart)  and came across this vehicles, couldn't believe my eyes.  
This area is where a few people who are selling their cars park them for others to see and a phone number written with big letters inside the vehicle if anyone is interested along with the price they are asking.
Had the phone in my hand so took a few shots as we drove past.  Don't know how the vehicle was torched but the one in front of it was ok. 

Saturday 19 August 2023

What's growing in Winter

Just a few flowers of what's growing in the winter time in my part of the world, Tasmania. 
Have no idea what the flower is below, it looks like a lily which I found growing in the bush at Hollybank.

Camellia hedge growing up the side of the house.
Leucadendron a native of South Africa growing up the back.

It seems amazing but this lavender has been flowering all winter.
Rose Hips before the weeping rose was pruned.

Came across the creature near the supermarket, there is a small creek that runs near and a golf course on the other side of the creek so hence ducks and so on. 
The vase contains Nandina leaves.  Nandina Domestica Nana is a short growing shrub where we have a taller one.  Nandina can be invasive in some States of Australia however that doesn't apply here in Tasmania.  It's also known as Heavenly Bamboo, Sacred Bamboo.

We went for a drive yesterday in the bush.  I took my Audi for a long drive actually as it's not been out of the garage for awhile and I do need to keep up my driving practice.
This yellow is Gorse was just everywhere on the hills. Took the photo from inside the vehicle as I was parked on a corner so the shot had to be a quick one.  
Gorse is a Native to Europe, it's dense thorny shrub that is now a major agricultural week in Tasmania and parts of Victoria.  It's one of the worst weeds because of its invasiveness, potential for spread, and economic and environmental impacts.
Gorse was introduced to Tasmania, Australia as a hedge and fodder shrub and came into our land about 1803 and later to Tasmania.  Even the early settlers didn't always get it right!

Tuesday 15 August 2023

Down Bicheno way

Bicheno is on the east coast of Tasmania and it's a pretty place that one drives through when over that way.  The orange red colour on the rocks is lichen that grow and lichens are an extraordinary product of the symbiosis of seaweed and fungi.

The view is looking out to the Tasman Sea which goes to New Zealand.

Friday 11 August 2023

At Hollybank

Hollybank is not that far from Launceston, Tasmania and we've been several times before in the autumn and winter usually on a nice day.  The scenery is different each time we go so the photos are always different too.  There are plenty of walks to do, and cricket pitch or it's just a nice peaceful place to visit or have a picnic.

Wattle leaves - soon be wattle time, looking forward to the beautiful yellow flowers.

Holly in the winter at Hollybank.

Finally the sun peeked through

Monday 7 August 2023


What a delightful winter's day here yesterday, Sunday, top temperature was 16,4 Deg C, lowest was at 6.07am and was 2.3 Deg C but I was asleep.  Husband and I did some gardening, pulled so many bluebells (some type) out before they bloom and when the ground is soft as it was after the rains.  I'm sure many are left in the soil and will come up next year if not this year but it's good to have a clean out.

Dicksonia antarctica, Manfern, Tree Ferns, Soft tree ferns are all the same thing and grow in the bush where it's damp and has rain and so on. 
We visited one of these areas in March and had a short walk in the Tasmanian, Australian bush, how I love doing this and used to do it often when younger and unfortunately didn't have or wasn't interested in taking photos back in those days.
With this particular place we drove the car to it's door, how handy.

Some photos of the old growth forest at Dip Falls on the north west coast.

Wednesday 2 August 2023

The Sandbar

Husband went to the dentist about 2 weeks ago and had a big tooth surgically removed, 6 stitches and a bruised jaw and purple chin followed, he's recovered well and awaits another appointment in August for the other side to be done.

The Sandbar at St. Helens on the east coast of Tasmania can of course be very dangerous.  The fishing boats must cross it at the correct time of the tide.  A guide is [ here ] if you would care to read about how it's done or suggested for safety. 
Down near the jetty which is situated away from the sandbar so smaller boats can come and go easily is a small beach where I took they last three photos.