Thursday 29 September 2022

The Whales, Tasmania

Whales that beached on our west coast near Strahan, Tasmania, Australia just the other week.
It's sad that so many pilot whales did this and about 44 were returned to sea.  240 whales became stranded on Ocean Beach on our North West Coast.
More that 204 dead whales with a combined weight between 500 and 600 tonnes were tied to a 400-metre long rope and towed out to deep water approximately 40km off the coast of Strahan in the Indian Ocean.
The text and photos was taken from various sources on the internet.

If you find this post distressing please move on as it is sad to see.

Monday 26 September 2022

Trevally Dam

Trevallyn Dam and Lake Trevallyn is a concrete gravity dam built on Dolerite bedrock.  The spillway height is 26.8 meters and the dam wall is 177 meters long.  The lake has a surface area of 1.48 km and storage capacity of 12.33 million m3.  Height of the dam wall is 33 metres and the total volume of the wall 61,000 cubic metres.  It various at times depends on who did the measuring.

Photo taken just the other day..

A video which is in MP4 format goes for about 30 seconds...hope it can be viewed.  There is a voice 3/4 the way through as someone is bound to say something when you are taking a video!

A picnic area with daffodils and shelter in the ground where the dam is.

Two photos from a winding road within Launceston which is not used very much, so a view towards the Tamar River for the one above and below the view of the outer area of Launceston on a rainy day.

Thursday 22 September 2022


We went for a short drive on Sunday when the weather wasn't the best, drizzly rain on and off.  Came upon some wattle so took a couple of different varieties with my phone in normal shooting mode and portrait mode. I guess it's rather easy to choose which is which.

I just love wattle.

Sunday 18 September 2022


Please note that from Sunday September 18 there are so many blogs I can't comment on due to 'Blogger' playing up again, so many posts I can't click onto on my list as apologies. 

Inside the General Store in Evandale where I've never been before it wasn't what I expected to see.  I thought I would be seeing groceries and all manner of items one could buy for the house, you know 'things' you can't find anywhere else, but I was wrong.  To me it's a shop that sells a few home make biscuits, blankets, rugs, odds and ends including books on various subjects, even gorgeous jumpers and cost about $300 to $500AUD each, but they are beautiful.  I managed to sneak a few photo of inside part of the store.

Wednesday 14 September 2022

Evandale 2, Tasmania

Evandale hosts a Penny Farthing Championship in February each year. 
The bronze stature is called 'Time Traveller'.
 A Link to the race.  Also a Link to two churches in Evandale, both posted by me.

Forever fascinated by lamps or street lights like the one above as we don't seem to have many on our Island like this one.

Saturday 10 September 2022

Evandale, Tasmania

Evandale here in Tasmania is about a 15 to 20 minute drive from home.  It's an historic town with about 1,350 people.  Not much has changed in Evandale it's rather like moving back in time. When we visited my good friend we went for a little walk in the main street and I took these shots.
The last photo used to be a Restaurant which several of us frequented. 

Wednesday 7 September 2022

The Trout

I just love eating fish, so I cooked a small rainbow trout in the oven.  I put lemon slices in the middle and outside along with onion a little butter and parsley put the foil over it completely and put it in the oven for about 25 minutes to cook, so it steamed beautifully and only cost me $8,00AUD which is cheap.

This is Summer the dog who belongs to eldest son his wife and family.  Summer insisted on sitting on my knee so hence the close up photo with my phone.  Summer is a gently soul.

Saturday 3 September 2022


Well it's springtime down this end of the world.
There has been a bit of rain upstream from Evandale, well a lot of rain and the water flows into the South Esk River near Evandale, Tasmania, Australia.  Also near Evandale is the Launceston Airport. I have a best friend living in Evandale so after visiting her we went to the river to find the road closed.
It's a good place for a picnic and a swim but no loos.  People take their dogs for walks along the river bank, no camping permitted either.