Sunday 26 June 2016

Finley, New South Wales.

A bit of a rough trip across Bass Strait but we were ok and arrived in Melbourne in the State of Victoria safety.

Finley was known as Murray Hut until 1893.  Europeans first settled the  area around Finley in the early 1840's, with wheat becoming the main crop.
There was a severe drought, combined with the Great Depression of the early 1930's, forced many farmers to abandon their holdings.
In 1935, construction of the Mulwala Canal began in order to provide employment and bring water to the area's rich farmland.
Population is about 2,000  people living in the area.

The photo is of a lake next to the Caravan park.  A pleasant walk around the lake after sitting as a passenger in the vehicle most of the day.

It rained all night so I was told.

Saturday 18 June 2016

Time is a traveller!

I'm hoping that over the next several months I'm able to do a post now and then plus visit your blogs.
There will be a photo or two.
A few clues.
Be safe everyone.

“I love a sunburnt country,
 A land of sweeping plains,
   Of ragged mountain ranges,
       Of droughts and flooding rains.
I love her far horizons,
I love her jewel-sea,
Her beauty and her terror –
The wide brown land for me!”
― Dorothea Mackellar,

Rockhampton Sunset, Queensland.

Atherton Tablelands, Queensland.

 Cairns, Queensland.

Cape Tribulation Road.

From Tasmania the island to above Cairns in Queensland.
A long way!

Thursday 16 June 2016

Richmond Goal, (4) Tasmania

Inside the cooks kitchen.

The bread bin.

Well worn steps.

To clean the boots outside the gaol.

The keys to the goal.

Tuesday 14 June 2016

Richmond Gaol, (3) Richmond, Tasmania

Back to Richmond Gaol...the second last post about it.
This video goes for a couple of minutes and is worth viewing as it has information about the inside of the Richmond Gaol.
Plus there are photos which I took.

The cat of nine tails was used every second morning for flogging.

The toilets.

A fire place.

Sunday 12 June 2016

Read and watching Outlander

The series Outlander is adapted from Diana Gabaldon’s international best-selling books, “Outlander” follows the story of Claire Randall, a married combat nurse from 1945 who is mysteriously swept back in time to 1743, where she is immediately thrown into an unknown world where her life is threatened. When she is forced to marry Jamie, a chivalrous and romantic young Scottish warrior, a passionate affair is ignited that tears Claire’s heart between two vastly different men in two irreconcilable lives.
Words from [ here ]
Am loving reading these books, so far 8 in this series, reading the Voyager number 3.
I don't normally get too wrapped up in books or a TV Series but this one is excellent with great acting by Caitriona Balfe as Claire, Sam Heughan as Jamie Frazer.

Is anyone else watching the TV Series or reading the books?

The 5 Highlanders

Claire on the right.

Clare and Jamie.

Clare and Jamie's Wedding night.

Clare and Jamie on the way to France.

Clare and Jamie to make an impression in France.

From left Ronald D. Moore, the executive producer. Diana Gabaldon, the Author. Caitronia Balfe as Claire. Tobias Menzies as Frank and Black Jack Randall.  Sam Heughan as Jamie.

Friday 10 June 2016

The Flood, Launceston, Tasmania.

Lovely weather for the Ducks.  Came across this one whilst travelling around Launceston to view the water from the flood.

Some of my followers may know that Launceston and some surrounding areas have been in a bad flood.  In summer we were crying for it to rain, water was low to supply power, diesel generators were brought in and now they are able to return back to where they came from, now that lots of rain has fallen.
This rain didn't fall in Launceston but up in other areas thus flowing into two rivers that meet here in Launceston and coupled with a high tide all at the same time causes major flooding.  This time however, the high tide was at a different time when the water came gushing through.

Our city knew of this delima  should it happen again (last time was 1929) so levees were built over time and finished last year.  They worked!

2 people are missing still.
Cattle/sheep lost in the country areas.
Houses flooded in some low lying areas.
The list goes on.

Yesterday we headed off into the city, to take some photo.
Firstly going to the Trevallyn Dam, a long time since water has been over it.

Part of the Tamar River, wider than normal.

Headed to the Tamar River near the city.  Tamar Yacht Club on the left, and the water came up to the level of the far seat.
Lower photo of the same area.

Next door to the Yacht Club is this restaurant which is very popular.  It was flooded as we looked in the window.

Looking from the walkway at the Yacht Club is a pontoon, all the rubbish of logs and so on can clearly be seen.

To the right of the Yacht Club is Kings Park it's hear that one can go for a lovely walk. Where the lamp light is on the left of the tree, well that is the footpath.
On the right beyond the green grass is a brick wall with steps with the skate park behind it.
The below imagine gives some idea of the extra width of the Tamar River.

This is the King's Bridge and that little house is the gateway for a walk up the Gorge.

This is another bridge that goes over the river next to the King's Bridge.

The water coming down the Gorge.

Tranquil times on the Tamar [ here ] and [ here ]

Wednesday 8 June 2016

Richmond Gaol, (2) Tasmania

Most of these prisoners stole a piece of bread or some small item back in England, Ireland and Scotland, and were sent to Sydney in New South Wales and Tasmania.
Families often followed if money could be raised for their passage.
Britain wanted to fill the New Land with their subjects.

In the building below at Richmond Gaol back in the early 1800's there were a few small dark rooms to house the prisoners who needed to be shackled.

The photo of the floor with glass, that is a tunnel dug by prisoners who wished to escape.

Prison cells which are dark, no light at all.

Monday 6 June 2016

Richmond Gaol, Tasmania, Australia.

Recently we visited Richmond and the Richmond Gaol. 
More to come in next post.

The Richmond Gaol is a convict era building and tourist attraction in Richmond, Tasmania, and is the oldest intact gaol in Australia. Building of the gaol commenced in 1825, and predates the establishment of the penal colony at Port Arthur in 1833. 

Richmond gaol has much history, some of it [ here ]
Photos of 'the' Richmond  bridge [ here ] in 2014.

The Entrance.