Monday 31 October 2011

It's Exciting!

For me it's exciting to receive the products I ordered online.  I am not really an internet shopper, but I was told about being able to purchase makeup at the link above for a much lesser price than in the stores. Many brands are available,  but not all products are available all of the time, however I kept an eye on this site watching and procrastinating, finally I took the plunge for me and bought some eye shadow.
I received 2 free gifts.
I ordered and products arrived today = 3 working days, free freight and delivered to the door.  What more could one ask for!

The Eye Makeup Case.

Lime colour Eye Shadow which I will use to lighten and open my eyes.
The darker colour Eye Shadow for the outer corners.

My free gift, I chose the colour plus there was eye shadow to choose from.

Last but not least is the Strawberrynet carry bag.

Friday 28 October 2011

Amazon Kindle

For nearly 2 years I have been thinking of buying an Amazon Kindle e book reader but always put it off.  Now they are sold locally I had a peek and after several weeks decided I would like one, more importantly I would use it. 
I had my father in mind as well because the Kindle has 'text to speech', so if I had a book he might like to 'hear' it read to him whilst I was staying at his house each week. Great idea, we can choose a male of female voice, slow, medium or faster...great.  He can put his earphone on and plug that in as well so my husband and I can't hear.
It's easy on the eyes is the text, and yes, I can read my books outside, no glare just can't praise the Kindle enough.  
I don't have to have paper to hold onto when I read and it's a great place to store books.
They can be removed onto your computer very easily and new ones put back on if necessary.  I can connect to my Wi-Fi if I want to, it also comes with 3G.
Due to my life style it's easier for me and good for me to share with my father. 
My husband!  He doesn't read novels only on a rare occasion.

The Amazon Kindle e reader in it's box.

The users guide.

Thursday 20 October 2011

The Dunny!

Wonder how many people can remember 'The Dunny', 'Out house' or what ever you like to call it these days.  Few people have them now thank goodness but I have come to realize through my father 'the smell and acceptance of the inside toilet/lavertory'.

For those who are old enough and perhaps those that are not might recall if they visited their grandparents in the country more so on an isolated farm, there wasn't an inside toilet/lavertory, you had to go outside often a long way from the house to the toilet....

I myself can remember this :) oh, yes my age but my grandparents were old and lived till very old age and wouldn't have a toilet/lavertory inside, so as an early adult I remember the smell of the 'Dunny'. Dreadful! 

Now my grandmother would have white tissue papers on Sunday's off the bed in the Dunny, all other days was newspaper cut up into the right sized squares, a hole placed towards the top corner with a piece of string through it then hung on a nail, and it was these pieces of paper that we used to wipe our 'bum' :)
Well I mean you just have to laugh!

Now the newspaper was ok, for one would start to read what was written, tore off the next bit and hope it fitted like a jigsaw so one could read on, good it worked.  Sometimes reading a good story the jigsaw was not there and one was always left wondering.

I can only imagine what it must have been like, the fights, quarrels of having the dunny inside and the unkown of having a nice smelling dunny inside - today the toilet/lavetory.

Saturday 15 October 2011

Can You Believe it!

I downloaded some Nursery Rhymes recently and I was rather intrigued by a lot of them.
A lot of them are rather harmful, many are violent.  I suppose I had never really thought about that before until I started reading what I expect are the original versions.  These are free on the Internet to download. No Copyright.

The Old Women Who Lived in a Shoe.

I found out why 'The Old Women Who Lived in a Shoe' was living in a I did with many of these Nursery's no wonder many of these have been shortened to a 'nice version' in the Rhymes that I knew.
However, as an adult it good to read the full version of many of these Rhymes/Tales/Stories.