Saturday, 15 October 2011

Can You Believe it!

I downloaded some Nursery Rhymes recently and I was rather intrigued by a lot of them.
A lot of them are rather harmful, many are violent.  I suppose I had never really thought about that before until I started reading what I expect are the original versions.  These are free on the Internet to download. No Copyright.

The Old Women Who Lived in a Shoe.

I found out why 'The Old Women Who Lived in a Shoe' was living in a I did with many of these Nursery's no wonder many of these have been shortened to a 'nice version' in the Rhymes that I knew.
However, as an adult it good to read the full version of many of these Rhymes/Tales/Stories.


  1. Intriguing M now I will have to check that out. G

  2. i know some of these old nursery rhymes date back to medieval times and are not exactly for children. ring a ring of rosie for example was about the plague i think. i found this website which has a list and lots of information. fascinating reading :)

  3. I have heard of this before. I believe a lot of them were political too. Must be fun to read. Are you using the new template?

  4. Buttons,
    Ok, hope you came up with something.

    Thanks for the link..I went there :)

    I believe nursery rhymes are and were many things.
    Yes, I am using new template..