Monday, 18 September 2023

Campbell Town

Campbell Town is on the midlands highway and all traffic going south passes through the town.  
Roadworks are being done before the town for many kms at 60 km  sometimes 40km and it's a pain in the neck, yes, I know roads have to be redone and remade but still.
Campbell Town is a rual town and about 68km from home, a lovely drive normally through farmland.

A of photo a Church within the town, (photo taken in late autumn) and one of the town clock, my very first photo of it.

The town has much to offer for the traveller, coffee shops, service stations, clean public loos, supermarket, antique shop and of course a Hotel.

The Foxhunters Return was built Circa 1833 and was designed by an Irishman and was a coaching Inn back in the day and now a accommodation place.

We visited Campbell Town a few days ago so there are more photos in the future of this place.

Thursday, 14 September 2023

Up the Lakes

We went for a long drive the other day to the Great Lake up in the highlands.  There are quite a few houses there but most are shacks where people just go for the weekend or holiday to relax by a woodfire and many to fish.  Snow falls up there but we didn't encounter any.

The Great Lake is big and we drove around it mostly.  The Lake is 114 km in area. Length is 22 km. The lake holds 3178 million cubic metres of water when full. 
It is the largest hydro-electric water storage in Tasmania.  The Lake contains brown and rainbow Trout fish.