Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Sailing way across the sea

It's that time of year once again when my husband and I sail across Bass Strait to Melbourne to the State of Victoria then drive to Northern Queensland.

This year we are going for 4 months.  Will see you when we return at the end of October.
Do take care, stay safe...
Best wishes to you all and hope to see you upon my return.

On board the Spirit of Tasmania at Devonport the view from the ferry last year.

East Coast of Tasmania

Below photo taken Boat Harbour on the North West Coast of Tasmania.

Monday, 9 July 2018

Building in Queenstown, Tasmania

The Post Office opened in 1896, it's a nice building always maintained.  The Police Station is behind it up the lane.

The street above - well to the left was where I lived, house not there now they pulled it down and built another.  To the left the two story building is the old public school, there used to be a long hedge there now gone, and it's there I had my very first kiss - unfortunately the young man was killed about a year later, came to grief in an accident.
The hill was called the sandhill, and within that sand hill is a great place to slide down the sand into a pit, got into heaps of trouble for doing that as wore holes in my underwear.

Below is a photo of part of the school I went to for 4 years whilst living in Queenstown.  It wasn't far from home at that time, and we girls would all meet at my house to walk to school.