Saturday 15 June 2024

Bells Parade, Latrobe, Tasmania

Bell's Parade was named after Robert Bell, who with his half brother Henry Bentinck constructed a wharf and a store on the site in 1855 (gone now.) The Parade is situated on the Latrobe inlet of the Mersey River, Tasmania.  These grounds are wonderful to walk in and around, with barbecues, shelter and so on.

Queen Elizabeth 11 visited there in February 23, 1954 and had tea provided by member of the Latrobe Branch of the Country Women Association.
I remember the Queen's visit to Tasmania, just!

Map as to where Bells' Parade is, above it to the left is the city of Devonport.

Tuesday 11 June 2024

Up the mountain

Photos of Cradle Mountain one of Tasmania's tourist attractions, and many short and long walks to do in this area.  I've shown Cradle Mountain before, and this post has some beautiful photos of the area if you wish to click on that link and looks for the first time or the second time.  I'm showing you some of my photos taken last time we were there in the summertime and it was 30degC, however, the mountain weather changes very quickly and can be freezing in seconds.

The mountain is 1545 meters (5069 feet) high above sea level, the Lake is called Dove Lake, yes, I've walked around that lake many times over the years and the pathway has improved immensely. 

A photo borrowed from the internet of snow on the mountain.