Tuesday 20 February 2024

Lavender farm.

Bridestowe Lavender Farm is not that far from home at Nabowla in the north east of the Island.  Many visitors go there each year in season when the lavender is in bloom but you can go anytime of the year.  I have posted photos of the Lavender Farm before but these are different photos except for one.  Most people that visit my blog wouldn't know this farm existed. 
The Denny family from England settled in the Lilydale area, they brought with them Lavender seeds from the French Alps, Lavandula Angustifolia (the true French Lavender.) before their journey.  They chose Lilydale due to it's climate similar to where Lavender was grown in France.  Eventually the farm was moved to it's present site which is not that far from Lilydale.
The fields contain about 650,000 plants.  The total length of the rows is estimated to be 200km, (124m).

I can't comment on blogs as in reply for some reason on my laptop or tower computer, however there are just two that will permit me to, so I have to use my phone as I can't comment with my old phone, seems blogger is very fussy - so for me blogger has a glitch!

Friday 16 February 2024

The Don Heads, Devonport.

Monday I set off to Devonport by myself in the car to fulfill an appointment with the Financial Advisor, just the yearly visit.  I then called into the Graveyard and visited my parents at the Mersey Vale Memorial Park, then onto get something to eat, a seafood sandwich and had my own water, stopped on the side of the road and ate it. Then I drove around a bit deciding which way to go home,  headed to Railton to Elizabeth Town and home.  On the way down to Devonport there were traffic stops galore due to road works so going home they were avoided.  It was 30 deg C..so a warm day, by the time I got home I'd done 250 km.  

These photos were taken of the Don Heads a while back and the sea is Bass Strait. There are many walks to be had in that area.

Coles Beach just around the corner from the Don Heads.

The road I took to Devonport is in red/top then bottom road in red to come home.