Monday, 28 September 2020

The Sea, Tasmania

At the Wynyard Caravan Park in March 2020 and the below photos is the view from just a few steps from the Caravan from the mountains to the sea.
It's wonderful listening to the sea with it's waves rolling in with the tide late at night then early morning.

It's here we heard more about Covid-19 and that is was on/in our Island and had been for several days but not in the area where we were.  We stayed where we were, then headed back to Launceston to where our house/home is.


Up on that hill, Table Cape are tulips which are grown and can be viewed in springtime.

Above, the pathway from the caravan park to the sea.

Above the owner of the caravan parks home over looking the sea = Bass Strait, Tasmania.
Below, outside the gate of the caravan park.


Friday, 25 September 2020

Roseberry, Tasmania

We left Queenstown March 2020 and headed up the highway to Wynyard on the North West Coast of Tasmania. Map below.
A house at Queenstown which would have once been a miners cottage.
Then a few photos of the main street in Roseberry, a mining town, not so much today.
The road photos  were taken in the vehicle as we moved along and gives idea of the terrain as we went along.  The road is narrow in places but it's beautiful.

The marker on the map is where Roseberry is, we continued north to where Somerset is then west to Wynyard.