Friday, 22 March 2019

Stanley, Tasmania.

On from the Three Sister to Stanley where we have visited and stayed many times over the years.
It appears to be a sleep village with much history.

Stanley is on the North-West Coast of Tasmania, Australia.  It's a sweet little town with farming and fishing. It's population is less than 500 people, so we could say that most people know about other peoples business :)
The Port was opened in 1827.
Australia's 10th Prime Minister was born at Stanley.  Joseph Lyons.

The Nut as it's called was discovered by Bass & Flinders in 1798. The rock is a volcanic plug which forms when the magma hardens, there are several or these volcanic plugs around the world.
The Nut is 152m above sea level and flat on top.  When we used to visit Stanley we would climb up the hill and walked on the top have magnificent views of land sea and sand.  Today there is a chair lift for those who do not wish to walk.

On the way into Stanley (turn off the Highway) there is a view area to take a photo of The Nut.
We had lunch at Wynyard some klms back arriving mid afternoon in Stanley to the Caravan Park.

Photos 2 to 4 were taken from the Caravan Park, The view of the bay was taken at the foot of The Nut where you can get on a chair lift (we didn't) but have done in the past, and once when much younger walked up the side of it.
Last photo is the view of the main part of the village.

Thursday, 21 March 2019

The Tasmanian Holiday 2019

Instead of continuing with the winter holiday last year in Northern Queensland, Australia I will commence with our trip in parts of Tasmania a State of Australia where I live.

So heading from home here in Launceston we went North West to Stanley taking the tourist route where we could drive along by Bass Strait, the sea that separates Tasmania from mainland Australia. We were gone for a month. Will set off again in Tasmania Easter week for Richmond and down the Huon where the bush fires were this summer.  Late in July will head off to mainland Australia again for just over 3 months and destination unknown, of course in the caravan.

The photos below were taken between Ulverstone and Penguin.
We have the Tree sisters but can only see two and the road wasn't easy to walk around to get the 3rd sister in the shot.

The Three Sisters Islands are small and rocky granite islands, with a collective land area of 2 hectares (4.9 acres), located in the Bass Strait, lying 500 metres (1,600 ft) off the north coast of Tasmania.

The island group has been identified as an important Bird Area by BirdLife International because, with up to 400 breeding pairs, it supports over 1% of the world population of black-faced cormorants.  Pacific gullsand sooty oyster catches breed there every year in small numbers, and Caspian terns have nested there.  White-bellied sea-eagles forage around the islands.

The photos were taken from the lookout near the Three Sisters.