Wednesday, 14 November 2018

As we left Orange, NSW

Whilst we stayed in Orange for 3 days in winter this year miss 6 year old granddaughter asked her parents, 'what is out there that Nanny and Poppy want to see and do see', so it was arranged that Miss 6 have an email address and that I send her photos each day for what I saw, in return she emailed me back with eldest son writing emails on her behalf.  This kept me busy as well as both of them.
During our time away Miss 6 and her dad went to Melbourne to a concert and then hired a car and drove to Canberra in our State Capital for a few days, going to Floriade (a flower displace) and a few other things whilst in Canberra. Miss 6's mum stayed home to look after her little brother Master 3.

On our way to the next stop for the night, before we left Orange there was another hard frost where the temperature was once again minus 7 deg C in the morning.

The landscape being covered in frost with frost on the trees.
The photos were taken from the moving vehicle as there was no where safe to stop to take photos.

This is a playground near Bathurst, NSW.

Monday, 12 November 2018

The unexpected in Orange, NSW

From Holbrook we headed to Orange having never been there.  What a surprise when we woke the next morning - hard to believe because never before have we seen such a sight.  We stayed in Orange 3 nights.

A bit about Orange, NSW which is a city in the Central Western region of New South Wales, Australia. Sydney is 206 km (128 ml).  Orange has an altitude of 862 m (2,828 ft) above sea level.
The urban population is about 39,755 people.  A landmark area nearby is Mt. Canobolas with a peak elevation of 1,395 m (4,577 ft) with lovely views of Orange.

Orange is the birth place of poets Banjo Paterson and Kenneth Slessor, although Paterson lived in Orange for only a short time as an infant.  Most Australians would know of Banjo Paterson's works.
The first Australian Touring Car Championship known today as V8 Supercar Championship Series, was held at the Gnoo Blas Motor Racing Circuit in 1960.
Part Wikipedia.

Reading the elevation one can see why the following photos are as they are.
This is what greeted me in the morning - never seen such a frost, we had 2 in a row.  These photos are of part of the caravan park, the outlook is part of the showground where two men were training their dogs.

That is our caravan on the bottom photo on the right.

It was spoken of the great vies on Mount Canobolas but alas at the lookout couldn't see much at all.

A street in Orange, typical of cities and towns in central Queensland.