Thursday, 21 October 2021

Orchids in City Park

A few years back we visited the Launceston City Park and discovered in the Conservotory, Orchids.
The throat of the orchid is to be deep, the legs wide, no blemishes on any orchid or leaves and a few more things.  A judge once told me all that he looks for in a good orchid. 
These photos were taken with my phone and turned out rather well for an older phone at that time.

Monday, 18 October 2021

Darwin, NT

Darwin the the Capital of the Northern Territory (NT). The population is about 82,000 people. Darwin is in the Tropics of Australia, it's hot and humid in Summer and not too bad in Winer but still humid and hot. There are several beaches and one must be careful of the Saltwater Crocodiles if you see any. We never have in the area.
We have been 3 times to Darwin seeing it change over the years and of course we travelled with the caravan behind us first and second time with our other caravan and vehicle.  The distance is on the map below from home to Darwin via the road.  There isn't a great deal to see along the way, a few towns and off the road camping in peoples paddocks is very handy with a few dollars given to the owner, no water or power.   The terrian is flat, some of it desert with the road usually very straight.

The first photo is of the Mall, or more like it just part of it.

Second photo is what was left of a building after Cyclone Tracy which arrived in Darwin at Christmas time in 1974, it just flattened Darwin and the noise of the Cyclone can be heard at the museum, just a dreadful noise as we went there and listened.

Third photo is of a Public building, the fourth one can't recall what it houses but I believe it survived the Cyclone even though it's near to the sea.

The remainder of the photos are of the caravan park, the palms, the fruit bats come to eat those in the evening and one has to make sure the vehicle is not parked underneath those trees as their 'business' stains the vehicles right through the paint.

Friday, 15 October 2021

Clarendon House

Saturday we went for a drive to see Clarendon House in our early spring.

Clarendon House is not far from Evandale, Tasmania, Australia. The house was built by James Cox about 1838. The house has servant quarters and many buildings within the grounds. The house is on the banks of the South Esk River and was used by the Cox family as a farm.
There of course is a fee to tour inside the house but it's worth it as it gives a good insight to how people lived in the 1800's especially those who were wealthy.

Evandale was known as Morvan years ago and it's in this area that my husband's late father's ancestor came from. Free settler from Wales as a single man, and he married a 19 years old when he was 50 years of age and they had many children. During his marriage he moved to another area in Tasmania.