Friday 11 September 2009

The Wind

I was travelling near Broken Hill, NSW Australia a couple of years ago and I came across a piece of paper with these words written on it.

the wind is scary,
the wind is sad,
the wind is pleasant,
the wind is bad.

that wind that blows across the plain
tells us to be careful and look for rain,
the wind that howls at night,
tells us that death is in sight,
the wind that blows from the North
tells us that hot days are coming forth.

the wind can tell us stories happy and sad,
it can direct and divert us to good and bad,
it can be our greatest friend I've learned to trust,
but when it is upset, it covers us with dust.

so give us the wind that is soft and gentle -
the wind that rocks the cradle soft as a mantle -
the wind that caresses the flowers in their bright array,
is the wind I love to greet me at the break of day.