Friday, 11 September 2009

The Wind

I was travelling near Broken Hill, NSW Australia a couple of years ago and I came across a piece of paper with these words written on it.

the wind is scary,
the wind is sad,
the wind is pleasant,
the wind is bad.

that wind that blows across the plain
tells us to be careful and look for rain,
the wind that howls at night,
tells us that death is in sight,
the wind that blows from the North
tells us that hot days are coming forth.

the wind can tell us stories happy and sad,
it can direct and divert us to good and bad,
it can be our greatest friend I've learned to trust,
but when it is upset, it covers us with dust.

so give us the wind that is soft and gentle -
the wind that rocks the cradle soft as a mantle -
the wind that caresses the flowers in their bright array,
is the wind I love to greet me at the break of day.


  1. A poem that is like life with all the nuances.

    Three weeks ago my friend, died after a long battle with cancer and was asked to give an eulogy. I included some of the words of one of the Brontes and think how lucky we are to have access to the wordsmiths of the ages. In the poem "The Wind", sad but gives us hope which I think what life is all about.I appreciate these words and thank you for sharing with us.

    "I wander around under this benign sky: watch the flash of color flit through the trees, listen to the wind breathing through the eucalyptus; and wonder how anyone could ever imagine the unquiet slumbers for the sleepers in this quiet earth" took a little license here with Emile Bronte's words.

  2. Elizabeth,
    Thank you for sharing Emile Bronte's words in your comment to me :)
    I thought you would like "The Wind", it did put you in my mind when I decided to post it, I knew you could or would relate to 'The Wind'.

  3. They are interesting words about the wind. How it can be good and bad for the author. I definitely don't like wind. It used to make the kids at school very unsettled, I always get something blown in my eye,but I guess its good for drying the clothes.

  4. Diane, wind is good, wind is bad - it has no color.
    I don't care for a lot of windy days myself. Wonder why the children became unsettled, very interesting.
    Wind makes the towels lovely and soft of course if there is no dust.


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