Monday 23 July 2012

Driving through the country!

So much to see along and up the Hume Highway, Newell Highway and Highways in between to the State of Queensland.
Across on the ship to Melbourne, Australia after a good dinner on board, great sleep in the cabin and up at 5.30am to get ready for breakfast, then down the decks to hop in the car and off the ship about 6.45am, then up over the Westgate Bridge without being held up and therefore well onto the thousands of klms to drive to see our son and his family. 
We eat breakfast at each motel we stop at after our big sleep, lunch at a cafe, and dinner in a restaurant sometimes in our room or in the dinning room of the motel if there is a dinning room.

Whilst I am gone from home, someone takes my father shopping etc. plus we talk everyday.

 Following a car driving on board the ship.

The Murray River, Tocumwal NSW
The River is high as you can see the sign, and not the post it's on.

Murray River Cod, Tocumwal, NSW
The levee bank was made so that when the Murray River flooded that part of the town didn't become the same.

Sunday 15 July 2012

White Rose!

Made another 'card'  which I made smaller, the larger version is for a wallpaper. 
The white rose is another white rose from my garden. 
I get a fad for making these and at least I can do them on my laptop in the evening time whilst looking after my dad when I stop there each week.  It's relaxing after a busy day and I can talk to dad whilst doing my graphics. 
It's kind of strange having someone in the room and not knowing what I am doing, or not being able to see the finished product.  You know this when asked:  "What are you doing?" 
That question gets me thinking and off I go explaining, he somehow knows what it then looks like :)


Tuesday 10 July 2012

Ross, Tasmania

Ross the town is classed as being in the midlands of Tasmania, Australia.  It's a very tidy town with heaps of history.

The bridge was built by convicts in 1836 and is the 3rd oldest bridge still in use in Australia.

I have taken a few photos of the bridge over time, but never there at the right time of the day to get a good shot.  The camera I used to take the photos below was an old digital, so that in it's self tells me I must drive down in springtime or summer and take some more photos of the Ross Bridge.  I want to be able to zoom in and take digital photos of the carvings of the bridge.  I have some lovely slides of the bridge.

The Man O' Ross Hotel built in 1831 has now gone into liquidation as it's owned by a firm from another city.  Let's hope someone can buy it, would be a shame to see it neglected.

The Uniting Church in the distance.

The Man O' Ross Hotel.

Friday 6 July 2012

Fun with Words!

Have been making graphics again....I found the words some where on the net!
The rose is from my garden, the remainder I made.

Thursday 5 July 2012

Is it a Culture Clash?

Read today where a Japanese Restaurant is closing in Sydney due to customers not complying with the chef's wishes.
Members need to eat all that is on the plate and bring a doggie-bag (container) to take home left overs. 

How can you take home left overs if it's offensive to leave anything on your plate? Did I miss something!!

I remember being taught to always leave a small piece of food on your plate because it's a compliment to the 'host'/chef, as it reveals the meal was enjoyed and there was plenty of food.

Where I live we are not permitted to take a doggie-bag to a restaurant for hygiene reasons.  That makes sense to me.

The article that I read is on Yahoo news and it's also where the above photo came from :)

Tuesday 3 July 2012


A Labrador that we once had, she left us in 2008.  She was the second one we have owned.

Anyway this one was called Jess with a wonderful temperament. I used take her to work with me when she was little and that is where I taught her many things, one being to go to the 'loo' on command which came in handy.

When she grew too big she stayed at home for a few hours on her own during the week and behaved except for just one day......that one day we went shopping, came home & found Jess had chewed a 20 meter garden hose into pieces :) - of course she was told off and never ever did anything naughty again!

Jess, behaving.  Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth!

Sunday 1 July 2012


Always use a hair straightener for my hair having had bob haircut, but I am growing my hair and I decided to put same in those Velcro Rollers for a change for something different. My hair is now shoulder length but different lengths eventually will be all same length.
Used to have heaps of different size rollers once that I used when I had long hair before, which has been many times.  

My grandmother on my mums side always had long hair and I can remember that I wanted to have same when I got older.  Funny that, for I have this need to grow my hair and wear it up.
If I left my hair alone it would be curly, too curly.

You know I used to IRON my hair once when it was long, got the tea towel out put my hair on the ironing board, tea towel on top of hair and ironed it straight :)
It's always the way, if you have curly hair you want straight hair and visa versa!