Thursday, 5 July 2012

Is it a Culture Clash?

Read today where a Japanese Restaurant is closing in Sydney due to customers not complying with the chef's wishes.
Members need to eat all that is on the plate and bring a doggie-bag (container) to take home left overs. 

How can you take home left overs if it's offensive to leave anything on your plate? Did I miss something!!

I remember being taught to always leave a small piece of food on your plate because it's a compliment to the 'host'/chef, as it reveals the meal was enjoyed and there was plenty of food.

Where I live we are not permitted to take a doggie-bag to a restaurant for hygiene reasons.  That makes sense to me.

The article that I read is on Yahoo news and it's also where the above photo came from :)


  1. Yes I read the same article and thought it was double dutch and we can not take doggie bags here either it is against OH&S.

    1. Oh ok about doggie bags. Glad I wasn't the only one that thought it was double dutch..

  2. I don't get why the cook cares so much - sounds like he needs a new line of work - he's obviously burnt out!! It's not always convenient for people to take food with them - what if they are going shopping or to a show afterwards? And who's running around with containers (doggie bags) to put food into... quite often, the decision to pop into a restaurant is a last-minute idea. Perhaps it's good they're shutting down - seems like they're too stupid to run a business properly anyways, lol!!

    1. Agree with you Jane...but the whole story is a bit weird, I read it on another news site and same story.


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