Wednesday 30 March 2022

A Hot Day

The second last day of December 2021 was a scorcher (hot), it was over 30C deg with no breeze so some people took their chairs into the river as the tide came in and sat to cool off.  One couldn't resist a photo or two of them.

The other photos are of the Gazebo which belongs to our son, you also see part of his rig with a shower and loo even though there are beautiful clean amenities he prefers his own.  Daughter in law has an outside small washing machine you can see in the second and last photos.
Son and his wife do their computer work inside the enclosed awing, K doing the wages and R doing his computer book work, he is very lucky he has such wonderful staff about 5 people who work for him and are trust worthy so R, K and family could come away and have a decent holiday.

Monday 28 March 2022

Foam Machine

Christmas Eve 2021 the Owner of the Huonville Caravan Park brought out the 'Foam Machine' which uses real soap, this happened after Santa had been, then the children all went off to have a shower.
We enjoyed this foam machine watching the children having fun, giggling and the parents also watching and caring for their little ones. There were more children than shown in the photos.

Friday 25 March 2022

The Magic of Christmas 2021

The Christmas Tree 2021 at the Huonville Caravan Park was decorated by a few children, Granddaughter E is on the left.
Photos taken on Christmas Eve 2021.
2nd photo, Santa in the boat hidden by the tree, he arrived in the Jet Boat.
3rd photo we see Santa sitting and he has a big bag full of presents for the children.
4th and 5th photo is of Santa and two Grandchildren E and Z receiving their present from Santa.

Eldest son below later in the evening and again with my husband B and Summer the dog. The firepit and a smoker to smoke meat.

Wednesday 23 March 2022

Huonville Caravan Park, Tasmania.

A few photos from our caravan in the Huonville Caravan Park before Christmas 2021 and you can see there are not many caravans or motor-homes, however it was about half full for Christmas Day, and later totally full just after Christmas.

There two photos of the murals were taken just before the Office.

The Boom Gate to go in and out, the park has fences all around except by the river. The other photo is of one way we cook outside the caravan, in this instances we were boiling cornbeef to have cold for Christmas Dinner and Tea along with Turkey which was in the oven inside the caravan.   We in Australia are used to having cold meals for Christmas such as cold meat and salads.  When I'm having Christmas Dinner at home we usually have a hot meal unless it's very hot weather.

Walked to the other side of the park.  Photo above is part of the Amenities block and the washing lines.  Below is the little river and Santa came around there in a Jet Boat to the bank where the sand is.

There are barbecues and fire-pits scattered here and there for people to use free of charge.

 A shot of our caravan from a distance, it's the first one.

Sunday 20 March 2022


Must tell you this:   Granddaughter aged 13 went with a friend from school on Friday to the Cemetery  just over the hill from home, we call it 'The Dead Centre'.  Anyway M and a friend went there for a look and M went to the loo whilst there.  Youngest son who lives here at home received a distressed phone call from M.  'What do you do when the toilet door won't unlock', she said, son says 'well get under the door', but wasn't to be as the door was a full one.  So son went to the Cemetery to rescue his middle child (teenager)  by breaking the door as he couldn't undo the lock or open the door!  I'm still giggling. Certainly not a nice feeling being locked in the Loo in a Cemetery.

It took us 4 hours to drive from home in Launceston to the Huonville Caravan Park, it was a very windy day with big gusts of wind every now and then.  When we drove into the Caravan Park we were greeted with smiles by the Owners as they have got to know us now seeing as we've been for several Christmases and Easters.  Our favourite site was there for us, down by the river with lovely green grass and a concrete slab to park the caravan on and when we open the door of the caravan we step onto concrete. 
We asked for the site next door for our eldest son his wife and their two little ones, so it was saved for when they arrived in a few days time, Christmas Eve.

The photos are of where we parked and a small part of the river, the sand is carted from 7 mile beach some distance away and cost $3,000.00 AUD, wow that is a lot of money but it sure keeps the children happy,  we all call the sand and the river 'The Beach'
There are more photos to come of the caravan park that I took as the days passed by.

The owner and one of his employees putting up the Christmas Tree.  My Santa in the caravan and some more decorations which I crocheted before Christmas and hung them on the curtain rods.

Thursday 17 March 2022

Kempton, Tasmania

We passed through and actually stopped in Kempton just off the Highway to have a good stretch and a bit of a walk in this small town of a rural area.  Kempton was settled in the 1820's.

My late Dad was stationed in the town many years ago when I was but a toddler.  One day my mother wasn't well so she was having a rest on the bed, me, I was in the room with her and whilst she rested I opened one of the drawers and started eating the 'Aspros' used for temporary relief of pain - headaches etc. These tablets did me no harm but my parents were not too pleased, Mum I recall never thought I would do such a thing :) We at that time lived in a room at the Kempton Hotel which was burnt to the ground some years ago and a new one was built.

Above was once a shop, below, the newer Hotel.

 Was a long walk to the Church and we didn't have time to walk that far so I zoomed in with the camera and you can just see the church.

The Wilmot Arms Inn (1843) was built by convicts and operated as a licensed Inn until 1897.  It is said the the proprietor suddenly got religious and stopped making alcohol and fed all his spirits to the pigs.  The building fell into disrepair, restored in 1978 and is now used as Accommodation for travellers.

Tuesday 15 March 2022

Ross, Tasmania

 About a week before Christmas 2021 we left our house with a son in charge of watering the garden, mowing lawns, not that they grow much in summer, cooking for himself (the oven wasn't used), I think he bought food home often!  

We always go down the Midland Highway as it's called through the old towns.  A few photos taken on the day we left at the old town of Ross, Tasmania, Australia.
The usual photo of the 
Ross Bridge and the Macquarie River which used to flood but hasn't for a very long time.  
The usual curry scallop pie for lunch.
The Post Office which was opened in 1832, the Bridge was completed in 1836.
The house in the last photo is typical of the old houses in that area.

Saturday 12 March 2022

Rum Balls

 Home once again after 1 month away, be home for about 1 month then off again for a couple of weeks depending on the weather, so away for Easter.

I do hope you are well and safe.  Trying times in the world at the moment. 

Will do posts until we go away just before before Christmas made some Rum Balls, Frangelico Balls and after Christmas I made them all again and made some with Tia Maria, seems the family really love them.  They are very easy to make, crushed packet of plain biscuits, coconut, condensed milk, coco plus the Barcardi Rum or a Liqueur.