Wednesday 17 August 2011

Sunshine Coast, Australia_2

We are confined to the Apartment due to the  virus we have.  Friends up here have it too and their Dr. told them to stay away from anyone till Monday, as the virus is very contagious. We are slowly on the mend but feel rather weak due to the fever, coughing and cold.  So it's been starve a fever, feed a cold. We haven't been to the Dr. because virus's take their natural course and you treat the symptoms as they come.  I remember being taught this in my early days of training.

So fortunate we were to visit some of the lovely areas around the Sunshine Coast when not with family.

The glass house mountains are several this is just one of them.  Near this area the Authorities are searching for a boys remains, he has been missing since 2003 when he was aged 13.  He went to the bus stop to catch a bus to go Christmas shopping and was never seen getting on the bus and hasn't been seen since.  The alleged offender has only been discovered this past week.  What a nightmare for the boys parents.

A view in the opposite direction.

This is our view across the road. Most of which can be seen from the apartment.

Monday 15 August 2011

Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Australia

Our two grandchildren, aged 5 & 3 using my iPad.

The 3 year old wanted me to take her helmut off, so hence the look on her face.

Things often can go wrong when you are on holidays. My hair dryer died, the GPS died then half came back to life. Now we each have the same virus, so we are keeing to ourselves for a few days. They say things come in threes!

Sunday 14 August 2011

On The Way!

On the way up to the Sunshine Coast we came through Coonabarabran, have the best chips in that town.

Then onto Moonie which has been cleaned up since our first visit

then onto Black Butt in Queensland. A photo of the Pub, also we had lunch at the Bakery, a good old Aussie meat pie which we hadn't had for a long time.

Saturday 6 August 2011

What a glorious Saturday!

Alexandria Heads on the Sunshine Coast the surf is sweet, the sun shinning, the sun is warm, warming bones, Good Vitamin D about today. Plenty of people sun baking on the sand across to my left as I sit on the balcony and watch.

Having guests for dinner thus I have made everything and put in the fridge for safe keeping till we eat this evening.

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Monday 1 August 2011

What is Present!

Arrived at our destination on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia some 1,800km approx. from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia a few days ago.
We passed many types of terrain, farmland, canola growing, cotton bales, wheat to name a few..also land that will not grow anything. Towns are sometimes over 220km apart.
Coming up inland mainly on the Newell Highway.

Nagambie Lake where the Olympic Rowing was held in 2000.

 Having a rest in a rest area before the town of Dubbo NSW.

An Australian Gumtree.
We stayed in Motels at night, had breakfast in motel, lunch at a cafe along the way and dinner in the evening at RSL Club or Service Club.
Now we are settled in the apartment with a dishwasher, hotplates, oven, microwave, washing machine, clothes dryer, ironing board plus much more. Including all of the linen that we will need.
The apartment will be serviced 2 times a week! So not a lot of house work for me giving me more time with my 2 little grandchildren.

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