Sunday 14 August 2011

On The Way!

On the way up to the Sunshine Coast we came through Coonabarabran, have the best chips in that town.

Then onto Moonie which has been cleaned up since our first visit

then onto Black Butt in Queensland. A photo of the Pub, also we had lunch at the Bakery, a good old Aussie meat pie which we hadn't had for a long time.


  1. sounds like you are having a great trip. those country bakeries are the best

  2. What a relaxing trip! The food sounds good, too...

  3. M You are going to have such a great rip after the relaxing time on that trampoline. I just love your photos and the names of your towns always fascinates me. Travel safe have fun my friend. G xxoo

  4. It sure sounds like you have seen some great places. I hope one day I get to do a bit of travelling just getting hubby to take time of work is easier said then done........

  5. He yevisha,
    You are not wrong about the country bakeries. Had best Vanilla slices in another country town, hopefully we will pass through that town on the way home.

    Yes a relaxing trip, lovely Australian towns, always good food if you stop in the right place.

    We sure do have strange names for most towns. A lot are Aboriginal names. Oh well I am like a big kid :)
    Love M xxx

    We have travelled extensively over Australian.
    I do hope you also get the chance to see our lovely country one day.


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