Wednesday 29 November 2023

Glass and Food

 Last Sunday I had to collect my new glasses which I only wear mainly for reading as I can see well for distance.  11am was my oppointment to collect the glasses but we went for a drive, 5 and 1/2 hours later and over 250 km we arrived home.
It doesn't take long to get them fitted but we ended up going to Scottsdale had lunch then drove to the sea at Bridport on the North East Coast of Tasmania, Australia.

The glasses, then the Cafe.

Inside and the food.  My husband had a mini pizza and I had mini fish and chips for lunch - delicious.

Saturday 25 November 2023

The sea

Some photos that I forgot to post back in mid spring taken on one of our drives.  
These photos were taken at a rest area near Wynyard along the north west coast of the Island.  We bought lunch and sat on this seat, watched the little yachts doing their races, we looked towards Tablecape where the Tulips are grown.
The sea is Bass Strait.

Tuesday 21 November 2023

Ross Church for Sale

A trip to Ross in the Midland of Tasmania the other day and we visited a church up on a hill, the foundation stone of the Ross Methodist Chruch now Uniting Church was laid by Governor Arthur on the 20th October, 1835, William Grant Broughtonn consecrated it on the 11 May, 1838.  The church has beautiful Blackwood pews.

Friday 17 November 2023

A walk in the bush down Dip Falls way.

A short walk in the bush in North Western Tasmania is a delight.  Tall trees, dirt roads and man ferns.

The big tall tree there is over 400 years old so I read and forgot to put in the original post. It stands about 62 meters tall and with a circumference of 16 meters.

Monday 13 November 2023

Photos I forgot!

 The photos below were taken the day we went to see the tulips, post here. The view from the top of Table Cape near Wynyard on the North West Coast of the Island.  Tasmania, Australia.

Irises top photo and tulips in the below photo.

Table Cape Lighthouse and the carpark to visit the tulips.

Just a view on the way down the Cape.

The people here had a drone and they were from Canberra according to the number plate on their car.
Also looking over towards Wynyard.

Thursday 9 November 2023

The Locket.

 I used to write poems several years ago and this one was one of them.  The graphic was made by me, I was always making all kinds of graphics, but don't anymore.

Today would have been my Mother's 99th Birthday.

The Locket

The night was dark, I was drawn to the attic, 
And there I sat on the dusty old box
My mind wandering back in the past,
To the sweet lady that's in my locket.

Complexion of peaches and cream,
Eyes that always smiled,
Colour bluer than the day time sky,
Brighter than a star.

She walked each path of life with pride,
Head held high,
Always smiled,
I thought of the sweet lady that's in my locket
With the young one by her side.

Today I remember her, today is her day,
- I always remember her -
For she is my mother, and I am that child,
In the locket.


Friday 3 November 2023

Dip Falls, Tasmania

The Dip Falls, a cascade waterfall over cubic-basalt formed rocks on the Dip River, is located in Mawbanna in the North West region of Tasmania, Australia.
The waterfall is at an elevation of 218 metres (715ft) above sea level and descends in the rainge of 22-34 metres (72-112ft).
The first photo was taken from the bridge that ones drives over and it's there that the falls begin.
There are two ways to get to the bottom of the falls, the short or the long, we went the short as there are no steps and then we looked across and down to a platform with steps ascending down in the distance.
The time we went there this year as you can see, not a lot of water was flowing.

In the bottom photo if you look at the top of the water fall in the bush you can just see the road/bridge that we drove over.