Thursday 30 September 2021

A Collection of Flowers

A change from the Outback to some flowers for today's post.  I hope you enjoy. 
Here is a [ link ] to the Wreath Flowers I photographed and posted in 2013, certainly worth looking at as they are a very different plant and only found is one place which is Western Australia.

A small collection of flowers from Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, and Tasmania.

Above the Sturt's Desert Pea from Western Australia and below the Clivia from Queensland.

Above is Eucalyptus flower in South Australia and Wattle also from South Australia.

Gazanias growing wild in the State of Victoria in a town.

Below is Wattle, many varieties of Wattle and it flowers at different times in different States of Australia.

Rhododendron above and Mt. Fuji blossom below

Monday 27 September 2021

A few Pubs

A few random photos of Hotels in the Outback and the train Station in Longreach, Queensland.

Julia Creek Hotel.  We had driven for miles or km before we came across Julia Creek, there wasn't a great deal there apart from another Hotel, a few houses and a shop so we continued on. There are about 511 people in the Creek.  Also there is a Caravan Park which we never even looked for as we were in our car.  It was a very lonely road we didn't even see another car but we did see a train going west, the train driver tooted and we waved madly as it was good to see someone :)

We have photos of the McKinley Pub in Queensland where from the Movie Crocodile Dundee went to the Pub called Walkabout Creek Hotel.  Another lonely road in what seemed the middle of no where.  Population about 178 people.

Friday 24 September 2021

Longreach, Queensland

 Longreach is a long way from any city in Australia, and certainly a very long way from my home about 2,500km.
The Qantas Founders Outback Museum is in Longreach, Queensland, Australia.  We visited the Museum on our first visit to Longreach.  
Longreach is 177km from Winton the original home of Qantas the Australian Airline.
I can't tell you which plane we boarded for a tour but I do remember this particular plane hasn't been there in the Museum very long in 2003.
Planes have certainly come a long way since then.


Monday 20 September 2021

Cunnamulla, Queensland

Cunnamulla is about 750km West of Brisbane, so another outback town with a population of about 1,200 people.  We stayed a night and looked around and had a meal at the RSL Club - Returned Serviceman's Club.
The weir in the second photo, Warrego River in the first one. The remainder speak for themselves.
We were told there were so many kangaroos in and around this area that if the grass wasn't green in the scrub that so many kangaroos gathered on the towns oval for a feed of green grass with no standing room for people.

The War Memorial


Thursday 16 September 2021

Silverton, NSW

Silverton NSW is 26 kms north west of Broken Hill, 1,172 km from Sydney with about 50 people living in the area.  The road into Silverton when we went there was of gravel and dust, brownish red in colour and when wet it sticks like glue, we call it 'Bull Dust'.  Apparently the road is sealed now.

This is the area where the Movie Mad Max (original) was filmed for those who know of this film. 
The Hotel was used in the movie and it's rather different inside (no photo).
The first photo a shop which doesn't sell a great deal only the bare essentials, bread which is fresh - but frozen, that is fresh bread to them.  The creature on the verandah is alive :)

In 1875 two men were drilling and came upon Silver so the population swelled and a train line built to South Australia (SA).  Don't think this train line exists now. 
Houses were built of Iron and Canvas. With the depletion of the silver after a few years people moved out taking their houses with them to mostly Broken Hill where Iron Ore was the thing.
Many a person used to venture to Silverton for a picnic apparently, have no idea if that still happens these days.
By 1901 the town and immediate area was home to less than 300 people, but it remained popular as a venue for recreational outings by Broken Hill residents.  
In 1915 The Battle of Broken Hill took place on a New Year's Day picnic train from Broken Hill to Silverton was attacked by a gunman from Afghanistan, and modern-day Pakistan. (You see there were problems back then :))
There are things to do and see in and around Silverton these days, Camel Rides, Creek walks and a few other things.

The Silverton Gaol Museum above.

The Silverton Hotel and the car which is similar to the one used in the movie Mad Max.

  Traps on the stone wall for catching animals. 

Sunday 12 September 2021

Living Sculptures

More Living Sculptures near Broken Hill, NSW.

Before we go any further I would like to thank Jose for painting a beautiful picture of the Tamar River in my city, Launceston.  Thank you.

When people travel in the Outback and or people living in the outback distance is never an issue.  If you ask someone how far it is to a certain place, the answer is often 'just down the road'.  That could mean 300km, or 5 hours drive or so.  Within that distance there are no houses or towns however, there is a place to buy petrol with a roadhouse attached to buy a meal.  We always took water and extra petrol when travelling the outback and indeed had to use the latter many times.

There are a few Stations planted here and there in the Outback with a Homestead and it could be 150 to 250km from the Homestead to the main highway so on the Stations there are freezers, the power isn't real realiable as generators are used, water is scarse if there is no bore water.   I have a cousin and his wife who travelled extensivly within Australia and they both worked on Stations all over Australia for many years after other successful careers and I did receive many letters by snail mail back then from them as email were not available. I presume many Stations have the Internet these days and from memory it did arrive during my cousins being on different Stations but with limited use.

 Stations in Australia -  other places in this world might call them a Ranch.

Thursday 9 September 2021

Living Sculptures,

Broken Hill Living Sculptures the Living Desert is nestled amongst the Barrier Rangers and is about 12km from the City of Broken Hill.  It's a unique 2,400ha reserve which was established in 1992.  The scenery within the reserve is breathtaking and can be enjoyed via the numerous walking trails.
The sculptures are on the highest hill inside the reserve and there are 12 sandstone sculptures, created in 1993 by a group of artists from all over the world, which are now one of the top attractions in Outback NSW.  The area is closed due to Covid-19.
The distance to Broken Hill is 1,375 km from where I live.

This was our first and only trip from Tasmania to Broken Hill in 20 years of travelling. We took travelled in our car staying in Motels and eating out.