Wednesday 27 September 2023

Mt. Roland, Tasmania. Australia.

Mt. Roland towers above the rural town of Sheffield in North Western Tasmania, Australia. Rarely have I seen snow on Rowland seeing as I don't live anywhere near it. The Mountain is a mere 1,234 meters high (4048ft). There are many bush walking tracks which lead to many places plus Mt. Roland can be seen from many roads.

We left home at midday and arrived home just before 6pm on Friday.

The bottom photo of Mt. Roland was taken a few years ago from another area on the way to the town of Wilmot.

Below is the Lawn Cemetery at Devonport where my parents are buried.  The white dot are flowers on their head plaque. We went to both areas on Friday just past.

Friday 22 September 2023

Ross, Tasmania

Ross is such a gorgeous town in my book, it has a lot of history attached to it, was settled in 1821.
Ross developed as a base for the local garrison and became a centre for trade for the surrounding district.  
The town is on the Midland Highway on the way to Hobart in Tasmania. The highway these days goes around the town of Ross but we often call into the town for a look and rest.
We were there last Easter and it's when I took these photos. 


Monday 18 September 2023

Campbell Town

Campbell Town is on the midlands highway and all traffic going south passes through the town.  
Roadworks are being done before the town for many kms at 60 km  sometimes 40km and it's a pain in the neck, yes, I know roads have to be redone and remade but still.
Campbell Town is a rual town and about 68km from home, a lovely drive normally through farmland.

A of photo a Church within the town, (photo taken in late autumn) and one of the town clock, my very first photo of it.

The town has much to offer for the traveller, coffee shops, service stations, clean public loos, supermarket, antique shop and of course a Hotel.

The Foxhunters Return was built Circa 1833 and was designed by an Irishman and was a coaching Inn back in the day and now a accommodation place.

We visited Campbell Town a few days ago so there are more photos in the future of this place.

Thursday 14 September 2023

Up the Lakes

We went for a long drive the other day to the Great Lake up in the highlands.  There are quite a few houses there but most are shacks where people just go for the weekend or holiday to relax by a woodfire and many to fish.  Snow falls up there but we didn't encounter any.

The Great Lake is big and we drove around it mostly.  The Lake is 114 km in area. Length is 22 km. The lake holds 3178 million cubic metres of water when full. 
It is the largest hydro-electric water storage in Tasmania.  The Lake contains brown and rainbow Trout fish.   

Sunday 10 September 2023


That time of year and the Magnolias are out in full force.  This one is at home.

Below is Margaret Davis Camellia which is growing up the side of our house.

Wednesday 6 September 2023

Last day of Winter

We went from Launceston to Scottsdale on the last day of winter and I took these shots at a rest stop with a view of the valley below which is the rural town of Scottsdale in the North Eastern area of Tasmania. Lovely to see the Tasmanian Wattle out as well.
Many bends in the road which is called the Sidling, then we went down the east coast going through Welborough Pass another windy road to St. Helens, then back up to St. Mary's Pass another windy road, but fun in the new car.  I drove so couldn't take any photos other than the ones below.

The new car which is a Kia Selton GT AWD 2023 model top of the range Petrol car. It has a few different things in it than in Europe and America as this model shown is for Australia. The roads we take sometimes don't have electric stations so hence the petrol, and seeing as we go (sometimes) for a long ride when we go we would need to refuel etc.

The rest stop not far from Scottsdale and just off the Sidling with a good view of the rual area.  Some of the photos were taken with my Nikon and some with my phone.

Saturday 2 September 2023

Bridport, Tasmania

 The other week we went to Bridport which is not that far from home here in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.  We bought some lunch after trying several places as we don't eat normally between the hours of 11.30am to 2pm, we often eat about 2pm or 3pm so it's hard to find places that will feed you.  We did find a place with left over take a way so took the food down by the sea and ate.
The map below has a dark spot next to Bridport to give some idea where we went.
The first photo is our course of an old getty and it's popular with photographers, also looks nice hanging on walls which I did.

We have been shuffling cars around so to speak this past week.  We bought a brand new car, we had to wait only 6 weeks for it to arrive off cargo vehicle carrier then to be detailed and so on, we took delivery on Tuesday afternoon.  Sold the other vehicle we used to tow the caravan with and then sold my Audi as well. It is and was time to downsize and I'm sure we'll manage with only one car, if we don't I'll buy another.