Thursday 30 March 2023

Stewarts Beach, Port Arthur

Down at Port  Arthur is Stewarts Beach and the bay is called Stewarts Bay and further out to sea is Ladies Bay.  Where we stayed in Port Arthur is just through those trees where there is another beach of the same name.

The Stewarts Bay Jetty where the cruise boat leaves for tours in the area and returns, everyone is wearing waterproof capes to the ground for where they tour is near rough seas near the rocks and going through a cave if the tide is right.

Sunday 26 March 2023

The Rabbit

During our holiday we ventured into Hobart the Island's Capital City to visit my 1st cousin now 81, we have always been close even though we live at each end of the Island.  
The photo below is of her grandchild and her bunny who cousin was going to babysit for 4 days.
The young lady is my 3rd cousin whom I know fairly well.

Wednesday 22 March 2023

Down by the sea

 Down by the sea in a bay near Huonville. The road to there is so very narrow.

Wednesday 15 March 2023

Home again

 Home again till next holiday probably Easter away from home.  The weather this time wasn't the best, it rain and was very windy where we stayed at Smithton and then Stanley, both places are known for 'wind' and the towns are on the North West Coast of Tasmania, Australia, the map below.  We stayed in the caravan on those windy rainy days and it just wasn't fit to go out, most people in the caravan park did as we did.  Odd, but at Stanley there was no TV in the caravan park, we have stayed there before several times over the years but when Digital TV came into being hardly anyone was able to get TV in the park. The Cabins have TV, the TV room in the park has TV and all the houses in the town have TV.  My husband and I watch the news on our phones as we were able to get TV on them.

We encountered a snake on our travels by the sea whilst in the vehicle, the snake was slithering across the gravel road Robbins Island Road. A Tiger Snake which if bitten is poisonous as all the snakes are in Tasmania.  I believe we have 3 varieties if not 4.

I took the photo from inside the vehicle as we were moving, this is the sharpest photo.

Uploaded another photo of the Tiger Snake.

Thursday 2 March 2023

Off again

 Another March, another year so we are off again on another very short holiday.  All the places where we wish to stay are booked out as a long weekend is due here on the March 13, so therefore that cuts our trip short.

Be back take care xoxox

North Eastern area of Tasmania.