Saturday 28 August 2021


Deloraine is a town on the banks of the Meander River 50km west of Launceston, Tasmania Australia.
I used to work at the old hospital then the new one for a few years being in charge of both many times, now that Hospital is a Community Centre.
Deloraine is the town for the rural community in the area, it's clean and inviting.
These photos are but a few of the river from my archives.


Monday 23 August 2021

Tasmanian Native Hen

Tasmanian Native Hens are good swimmers and fast runners with strong legs therefore some people call them 'turbo chooks'. The chooks can run up to 50km hour are plentiful  near marshes, rivers and so on. The Native Hen is protected.

Saturday 21 August 2021

River without Trees

The South Esk River at Evandale without trees.  The last photo is with trees.

On Monday I'm collecting 7 of my rings which I having made larger including my Wedding Ring, Engagement Ring and Eternity Ring, also my late Mother's Engagement Ring and her Eternity Ring I can't wear her Wedding Ring because my finger is allergic to whatever it's made of. 
I've been waiting for nearly 1 year until my fingers had settled down due to just ageing etc :) Fingers do change shape and of course a bit of weight has been put on.

Wednesday 18 August 2021

South Esk River Part 2

Down by the South Esk River at Evandale near the Launceston Airport.  This is the picnic area with trees,m they too have now been cut down..  I have been hunting in my photos and came across photos I took a couple of years ago with the trees gone by the River which I will post next post.

Sunday 15 August 2021

South Esk River

The South Esk River at Evandale, Launceston, Tasmania is only a few km from Launceston plus the airport is near Evandale which is about a 10 - 15 minute drive from home.

The trees are no longer there which is a great shame but then on the other hand I understand why - why, is because the river floods often therefore the flow of water along the river was interrupted.  This area is a picnic area with seats, swimming and in general having fun, today not so much so. 

These photos were taken in November 2006. If you click on the 'location' at the end of the post there is a map.

Thursday 12 August 2021

Batman Bridge

The Batman Bridge built in 1966 - 1968 was the first cable stayed bridge in Australia.  It was named after John Batman, a Tasmanian pioneer and the founder of the city of Melbourne.
We crossed the Batman Bridge to go west then down South to Launceston along by the Tamar River to home. 
Blackwall is the name of the place where the remainder of the photos were taken.
The second photo was a reflection of the sun setting.



Monday 9 August 2021

At George Town

The early observation of the Tamar River was in 1798 when explorers Bass and Flinders sailed into the river when circumnavigating Tasmania.

Colonel William Paterson arrived with four ships and 181 people, convicts, soldier, and one free settler and the settlement was established as Outer Cove. Subsequently the main settlement moved to the west arm of the river and then to the river head, some 50km south, named Launceston.  Outer Cove was re named to George Town after King George 111. 

The photos are of the view from the carpark, playground and picnic spot in George Town.  The sun had not set in the 3rd photo which is the view north towards Bass Strait.

Saturday 7 August 2021

Low Head

Low Head is just a few klms from George Town and is a holiday place, well once it was, however, people live there now because as the roads became improved and towns bypassed the distance is not as far as it was way back.  The beach isn't much and you don't see that many people there even in the summer. The sea is Bass Strait. 
There is a lighthouse on a bit of a hill, can just see it in the photo.  Also there is a Pilot Station and Maritime Museum which is interesting.
The last photo is a home and one of the nicer ones over looking the sea.

Thursday 5 August 2021

To George Town

Back to The Tamar River and George Town, Tasmania. Australia.
Stopped to take a shot of the river plus the Batman Bridge from the side of the road.  The bridge is that white thing in the middle of the photo.
George Town is on the Eastern side of the Tamar River and at the mouth of the river.  It's a much tidier town than it used to be, new buildings and a big play area for the children are being redone.
Once a fast a wave piercing Catamaran ferry sailed from George Town to Sydney, Port Welshpool to be exact but that trip was abandoned after several sails due to loss of income and sea sickness. The ferry was called the 'Devil Cat' which was built in our State Capital, Hobart by Incat who have built many catamarans and sold them to overseas buyers.
There are a few photos of the Devil Cat online in Google images.

Monday 2 August 2021

Continuing Ragged Jack

Continuing Ragged Jack Road drive.  The first photo we took the top or right road kept going along thinking we would come onto a highway, but, alas - the bridge was down and it appeared that it had been for sometimes, should have been a sign to say 'no through road', oh well we did enjoy the drive in the bush and plantation.  4th photo is a scene of a tree plantation then some kind of plant that blends into the colours of the grasses and then we came into Upper Blessington a farming area then home.