Thursday 30 June 2022

A few beaches

 The bridge at Muddy Creek and a few beaches around that whole area of Port Sorell.  Tasmania, Australia.

Hawley Beach

Sunday 26 June 2022

Muddy Creek, Tasmania

Whilst staying at Devonport for two weeks back in March, 2022 we went for a drive one of the days and headed to Muddy Creek near Port Sorell for a look as it had been a very long time since our last visit.  We walked onto the foot bridge met some people from Sydney and had a real good chat with masks on and we all kept our distance.  The weather was beautiful being a warm day.

Wednesday 22 June 2022

Port Sorell, Tasmania.

Port Sorell Beach at the Jetty and from there across the way we used to go water skiing in the spring, summer and autumn many years ago.  Took the boat to the jetty and sailed across the other side to a beach and off we went water skiing, did that for years then moved to ski at the Longford River not that far from where we used to live at that time.

A view of Muddy Creek, a weird name indeed.

Saturday 18 June 2022

The Bluff

A view along the walkway and riding bike track at Devonport, Tasmania.  Little rocks everywhere and no one swims in this area. 
The second photo is the view from the above and looks towards 'The Bluff Caravan Park', the little beach and picnic area. 
We stayed here at the caravan park for another two weeks before heading home in March..
The sea is Bass Strait.

The caravan park called 'The Bluff Caravan Park' in Devonport which is owned by the council and managed by good managers who live in a house in the caravan park.
The ship below is heading into the mouth of the Mersey River at Devonport, Tasmania and the ship is the ferry that carries cars and passengers to Melbourne, Victoria's port which will be changed later this year to Geelong, Victoria. The trip takes all night and sometimes there are sailings during the day in the busier times.
The remaining views are taken with my mobile phone from our caravan site.

Amazing the caravan park is nearly empty in the mornings only to be full in the evenings. The amenities on the right, on the roof solar hotwater.

Tuesday 14 June 2022

Picnic Point_2, Ulverstone, Tasmania

Continuing Picnic Point holiday in March, 2022. 

 The new Amenities, roast pork cooked in the gas oven in the caravan with veggies.

The other beach and a man fishing.

Salmon, prawns, eggs and pasta salad with new potatoes.  Lemon juice on the fish and I see I've left the pips there.

The beach as in the post before with people walking along the beach and you can walk into the town, do you shopping.

Friday 10 June 2022

Picnic Point Ulverstone, Tasmania

Ulverstone along the North West Coast of Tasmania (see map below) is a small town with approximately 4,500 people.  A few new settlers arrived in the area about 1854 when land was released however there were a few families that lived in the area before that.  It's a lovely little town that many people have made their home over the years.

We have never stayed in Ulverstone until this March this year when we stayed for two weeks at Picnic Point, there were not many caravans there, some days were busier than others. The Point has two beaches, the photos are of one of them.

Monday 6 June 2022

Spam Folder

Thanks to Andrew [ here ] where he informed me that some of my comments were in SPAM, so I checked my own SPAM and found over 100 comments from some of my dear blog followers, have posted them now and read them.  Thank you and I will check my SPAM each day from now on...thank you again Andrew.

Ulverstone in the North West area of Tasmania, Australia is where we went for a holiday for two weeks in March this year. So there will be a few posts on this area.
The first photo was taken several years ago by me and it's been sold to many for various reasons and it's such a tranquil scene plus the colours are soft.

The town clock at Ulverstone in the main street at the round-a-bout.

Friday 3 June 2022

Down Gordon Way

A drive down Gordon way and the map below shows by the large dots where we went on another drive whilst staying in Huonville, Tasmania.  This now end our Easter holiday 2022.

Not sure what happened with the first photo but I love the effect it is as it came out of the camera as all my photos are not touched.  Must have been the sun!

 The Map will help you understand where we went, leaving from Ranelagh back to Ranelagh.