Tuesday 30 April 2019

The noise and the Caravan Park.

Down Huonville Tasmania we stayed in the caravan park there, beautiful green grass and a large park.
We are all thinking of going there for Christmas, would be different.

The day before we left in the afternoon the cockatoos were making a very loud noise for just ages, usually when this happens something is going to happen as in rain, bad weather.  They were right those cockatoos, it poured during the night and the wind howled - natures birds are wonderful creature letting us know.

Photos are of the caravan park. There is a small river that runs at the bottom of the park called Mountain River, people swim in it and go kayaking they were doing that when we were there as the weather was rather warm for April.

Photo borrowed.

Eldest son setting up his caravan with our van to his left of the photo.

The fire-pit we used most towards dinner time.

Mountain River at the end of the caravan park.

Sunday 28 April 2019

Home again!

Sure hope everyone had a wonderful safe Easter.

Returned home after a week away down south of the Island.
Had a great time and bought a new laptop the day before we left.

Autumn is in full swing, was lucky to get a few autumn photos - here are two of them, both taken at a place called Ross. We must remember that Tasmanian trees do not change colour in autumn (execpt one) so those that do are introduced trees.

Monday 15 April 2019

Off again and Autumn

Well we are off again this week to southern Tasmania for another holiday, just over 1 week.  Eldest son wife, and their two little ones are coming too.
This is my first ever Easter away from home!

Have a Happy Easter and will see you all when we return.

1st and 2nd photos was taken last week at Hollybank a nature reserve just out of Launceston.
Last photo is a tree in David St in Launceston not far from home.

Wouldn't you know it, my laptop died, so a new one to come soon as I'm in no rush.

Friday 12 April 2019


Table Cape farmland, then the old lighthouse.

A bit about the lighthouse and Tasmania. (last photo)

Mathew Flinders name Table Cape in 1798 when he and George Bass were exploring in the 'Norfolk' to confirm that Tasmania was in fact an island.

The lighthouse was designed by Huckson and Hutchinson of Hobart, Tasmania and it was built from brick by local builder, Mr. John Luck.  Three stone cottages were also built near the tower.  The bricks for the tower were brought from Victoria as ship-ballast for vessels returning to Tasmania after unloading cargo.

Table Cape's first Headkeeper, Robert Jackson had a tragic start to his time at Table Cape.  On the 17th August 1888 just three weeks after the opening of the lighthouse his baby son died.
The cause of death is not recorded but this sad entry in the keepers log reads:

"Wind south. A strong breeze and misty weather.  Employed in the lighthouse and cleaning up about station. At 5.10pm. Bertie Jackson, son of the head lightkeeper, departed this life aged one year and two months."

The grave exists just as you drive out the gate with a white picket fence around it, always forget to take a  photo.

Wednesday 10 April 2019

Up on top

Table Cape is a volcanic plug and is 180 meters above sea level.

Up on top of Table Cape, the flattish looking hill you can see from the Caravan Park in Wynyard (previous post) the farming area.
How wonderful to have view from the farm houses looking over the sea, Bass Strait.

Then the sea in the second photo is from the lookout looking towards Wynyard and surrounding areas. It was a windy hazy day.

Then we drove onwards and came across these Liliums, also in spring time there are usually tulips growing in the same area and at the tulip farm further down the road.

Monday 8 April 2019

Wynyard, Tasmania.

After leaving Stanley we headed to Wynyard is another rural town not far from Burnie, Tasmania.
It's by the sea with the caravan park we prefer to stay in situated next to the sea, 4 step and you are on the sand of the beach looking at Bass Strait...
The first photo is looking towards Table Cape and photos from there later.

Above the Inglis River flowing out to Bass Strait.

Friday 5 April 2019

Boat Harbour Beach.

Boat Harbour is east of Stanley, so on our way to Wynyard we called in.
The Beach area has a Surf Club and a lovely Cafe.
It's a pretty little place with about 350 people and a windy road down into the Boat Harbour beach.
The day wasn't the best for photography, the last photo was taken another we visited and it was a clearer day.
Around where the stones are in the photo caravan park for free in that area but the Boat Harbour council has stopped that apparently. Once when the children were small we rented a holiday house for a couple of weeks at Boat Harbour.  The sand is magic, like silk and is so very fine.

Wednesday 3 April 2019

Smithton, Tasmania.

Smithton isn't far from Stanley and is a larger town with about 4,000 people.  It has a decent supermarket and plenty of shops.  We went here often whilst staying at Stanley.

The economy of Smithton is agriculture main primarily of dairy and beef farming. Other major industries are fishing, aquaculture, crop farming, timber plantations and tourism.
A major center in the northwest of the State, several companies have established processing plants in Smithton.  Major employers in the town include Greenham Tasmania, who operate a meat processing plant that prepares beef for export to Japan and the United States as well as Australian markets.
McCains Foods (Australia) Pty Ltd maintain potato storage, processing and freezing facilities in the town for production of French Fries.
Two timber mills are also located in Smithton, operated by Britton Bros and Ta Ann Tasmania.
Tasmanian Seafoods Pty Ltd operate an abalone processing facility and cannery as well as having heir head office located in the town.
Also Murray Goulburn (Dairy Company) have offices there.

In some of the photos you can see the Duck River. 

The below photo was taken from a lookout in Smithton on a clouding warm day.

Monday 1 April 2019

Stanley, Tasmania

The graveyard at Stanley and some old quaint houses.
5th photo is where Joseph Lyons was born, he was the first Tasmanian Prime Minister of Australia.
2nd last photo is part of the caravan park and horse walking along the path next to the beach.