Sunday 28 July 2013

Photography of Daffodil at night!

After midnight last evening our visitors went home and I decided to practice taking photos in the near darkness of the daffodils in the vase on the dinning room table. I took many photos and it wasn't easy to choose which one to post.  Having said that the petals are a little too bright, but that depends on the computer screen.
One great thing is the daffodils themselves, so wonderful to see some bulbs coming in bloom in our winter.

This morning I am still taking photos of my daffodils, so below one taken his morning of same daffolids - yes, I am still paracticing.

Monday 22 July 2013

Mt. Barrow Snow!

The trip up Mt. Barrow the other day, some more photos.  The snow only stayed a few days and still there is no more at this stage.

I did the above photo in HDR. The remainder are normal.

I nearly went skating up there :) I wore boots with high heels, but that's me :)

On our decent the cloud came in.

Thursday 18 July 2013

The Daisy Reader!

Excitement in the house when the Daisy Reader arrived from Vision Australia for my blind father.
Pay a fee for one year or x amount of dollars per month and, receive the Reader along with 3 DVD books that read to you by Australian volunteers who like to read any kind of book to be recorded.
When the disc's are returned 3 more are received. Book a certain novel or whatever book you like online or phone, and these will arrive when free along with the normal 3. There is a time limit to when they are to be returned.  The cost is free to and from Vision Australia Library.
My father is having great fun and has already read about 5 books in his Daisy Reader. Each time I walk into his lounge room when I am staying there each week, it's SHHHH!!
Some of the DVD'S go for 20 minutes - over 9 hours, of course depending on what or how long the novel/story is.

The purple slot in the front is where the Disc goes.

John Curtin was a Prime Minister of Australia. John was born in Tasmania.

Monday 15 July 2013

Celebration of a Life!

Today we went to one of my husband's Aunties funeral in the country. Auntie was well in her 80's.
The sweet little church where the celebration of her life took place is only opened for such occasions. For the burial we all followed the hearse by walking up the Main Road to the cemetery. Then after that to the hall which is next door to the church for a great country afternoon tea with sandwiches, savouries and lots of fancy delicious cakes. There is nothing like a good country spread, always plenty of food.
Everyone knew everyone, so lovely to catch up with them all with lots of talking of past memories, with hugs for everyone.
My husband and I lived in the district for the 1st 8 years of our marriage, we lived on a small farm. Being a city girl I adored farm life and learned much.

I didn't take my camera but used my phone one.
The Church is or was a Methodist Church, now The Uniting Church and was built in the mid 1800's.
There is only one stained glass window which is in the foyer.

Friday 12 July 2013

Tasmania Scallops!

Dad wanted some Scallops as they are in season so I bought him $15.00 AUD worth which is enough for a decent serve. The photo shows about 3/4 of them.
He asked me, "How do I cook them?", so me thinking the easiest way for my blind dad to handle.  I told him to make white sauce & add a bit of curry to his taste.  I stressed to him that he must only put the scallops in the white sauce for a minute and certainly no longer than a minute and a half.  Apparently his 'dish' turned out lovely.
The worst part for me was I had to clean the scallops and after scrubbing my hands I can still smell the aftermath. I will get over it :)

I teach my dad to cook and be independent.  It helps to keep him in his own home. I make him 'things' I know he can't do himself.

Dad aged 89 years of age.

Wednesday 10 July 2013

Something I don't see often!

A cold snap and I looked out the window to see the lowest mountain in the distance with snow on it!
I have only been in snow about 1/2 dozen times in my life as snow doesn't fall here where I live, it only falls on the mountains for a short period of time. When we see snow on Mt. Barrow we know it's cold.  Today the highest was 11 DegC (52 degF) in the city.

I took a few photos with my old DSLR the Canon one with the telescopic lens. Black & White Photos look like they have more snow but that's not the case.