Monday, 15 July 2013

Celebration of a Life!

Today we went to one of my husband's Aunties funeral in the country. Auntie was well in her 80's.
The sweet little church where the celebration of her life took place is only opened for such occasions. For the burial we all followed the hearse by walking up the Main Road to the cemetery. Then after that to the hall which is next door to the church for a great country afternoon tea with sandwiches, savouries and lots of fancy delicious cakes. There is nothing like a good country spread, always plenty of food.
Everyone knew everyone, so lovely to catch up with them all with lots of talking of past memories, with hugs for everyone.
My husband and I lived in the district for the 1st 8 years of our marriage, we lived on a small farm. Being a city girl I adored farm life and learned much.

I didn't take my camera but used my phone one.
The Church is or was a Methodist Church, now The Uniting Church and was built in the mid 1800's.
There is only one stained glass window which is in the foyer.


  1. Oh M sorry about B's Aunt it is a beautiful place to have a service. Take care. Hug G

  2. held up pretty well considering the building's age

  3. A lovely place for such a celebration. Good low light shots for a phone

    1. Well, that is what I thought regarding the shots with the phone.

  4. Like the simplicity of the stained glass.



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