Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Daisy Reader!

Excitement in the house when the Daisy Reader arrived from Vision Australia for my blind father.
Pay a fee for one year or x amount of dollars per month and, receive the Reader along with 3 DVD books that read to you by Australian volunteers who like to read any kind of book to be recorded.
When the disc's are returned 3 more are received. Book a certain novel or whatever book you like online or phone, and these will arrive when free along with the normal 3. There is a time limit to when they are to be returned.  The cost is free to and from Vision Australia Library.
My father is having great fun and has already read about 5 books in his Daisy Reader. Each time I walk into his lounge room when I am staying there each week, it's SHHHH!!
Some of the DVD'S go for 20 minutes - over 9 hours, of course depending on what or how long the novel/story is.

The purple slot in the front is where the Disc goes.

John Curtin was a Prime Minister of Australia. John was born in Tasmania.


  1. That's fantastic!! AND encouraging ... I can't imagine a world without books and one of my greatest fears is losing my vision. It's great to know that if the worst happens, there'll still be access to books!

  2. Oh M we live in a wonderful time of life when such things are available for people to use and improve there everyday lives. I love that. Take care my dear friend. HUG G

  3. It must be a great tool for your father. Top.


    1. Yes it's fabulous..he can hear so that is a blessing :)

  4. What a fab idea for vision impaired people. I hope your dad gets many happy hours from it.

  5. I am so happy that he enjoys this. What a blessing.


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