Sunday 26 February 2023

Down by the River.

Most days people swam, got in their kayaks or sat by the tidal river bank at the caravan park. A pile of sand acts as a beach.

Was a rather warm day at 30degC so several people took their chairs and put them in the water when the tide was low to keep cooler, this was late in the afternoon. The lady below was getting ready the dog floater for her daughter to put in the water.

The people below putting up their shade for part of the day by the river.

These two people were some distance away camping in the grounds, and the photo below shows someone else's vehicle with their roof top tent where they sleep.  Not my idea of camping but it suits them.

Wednesday 22 February 2023


Before other people arrived we were visited by several ducks, these two felt comfortable with our company so went to sleep whilst we were on holiday.  Early in our stay we took a drive down the road and saw some black swans.

Saturday 18 February 2023

After New Year 2023

Continuing the holiday Christmas 2022 and the New Year 2023.
This link will take you to one of the [ sunsets ] at the Caravan Park...I had the wrong month so it appeared in February when I updated it to come in March.  Hope you can understand that :)

Photos taken after Christmas and the New Year, many places left to camp in the park. 
The first photo is the view from the road approaching the driveway into the park. You then see a Coffee Ute, he sells coffee as he travels along and puts sign out when he's home.
The second last photo is of a very old caravan remodelled and so small but it does the family the owns it.
Last photo, the canoe where by several people came to camp and went canoeing up and down the Huonville River.

 Whilst staying here in Huonville we came across one of my cousins, her husband, their daughter, husband and their 3 children all camping at the same place - was so lovely to catch up.
We also visited another cousin and her husband had lunch with them in Hobart, another lovely catch up.

A walk

Continuing the walk before people arrived for Christmas at the Caravan Park, along the river bank to the Huon River.  For the life of me I don't know why the rubbish as in branches of trees are not removed from this Brown River.  The views are from the left to right.  A walk one can do along the river to the Huon River through the narrow pathway for a long way according to the children I was talking to.

The video is of the Huon Jet which takes people for rides up the Huon River and back sometimes coming into the Brown River especially if someone is staying in the caravan park and who is on the boat.

Tuesday 14 February 2023

It's Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day.

I made this Valentine's Graphic 10 years ago - how time flies.

Went for a short walk in one area of the Caravan Park at Huonville before all the other Caravaners arrived, it's a bit hard to believe that all this grass and beyond was covered in Caravans for Christmas and New Year.

Behind the trees is a Cricket Oval where the children and adults play Cricket most of the day/s.

Friday 10 February 2023

Santa, Christmas Eve

Santa came via the Jet boat on the river that's at the bottom of the caravan park as usual on Christmas Eve, presents were handed out to children staying in the park.

The park owner below along with Santa who is wearing a life jacket and has his sack over his shoulder.

Christmas lights on the caravan they blinked.  The photo was taken late in the evening however I should have taken the shot when dark.  We were opposite the river once again.

Monday 6 February 2023


Didn't get many sunset photos due to the weather, most nights it was very cloudy at Huonville.

The Tyre

We were not far from Huonville when somethings seemed wrong with the caravan, a flat tire on the caravan!  Yes!  It certainly made a noise a man stopped in front of us to make sure we knew then he continued on.

I phoned RACT = Royal Automobile Club of Tasmania of which I'm a member, a man came and changed the tyre as we were near a very busy highway, the side of the road was gravel, my husband isn't able to bend down on the ground to change the tyre and if you pay for this service, use it when necessary.
We only had to wait a short time as in less than one hour and we were on our way to the tyre shop in Huonville and bought 4 new tyres and book in to have them all changed on the caravan the next day even though the tyres were all ok but showing sign of 'sun age' it was best said the tyre people, the tyres had been on the caravan for awhile.  We were happy with that even though the tyre people would be thinking of money.

The offending tyre, I managed to take photo between the cars flying down the highway.

Thursday 2 February 2023

Home again!

I trust you had a good Christmas and a Happy New Year.

*The header photo is a 'Green Rosella Parrot' (Platycercus caledonicus) is a species of parrot native to Tasmania and the Bass Strait Islands.*  There were a few of them at Port Arthur where I took the photo of this one.   

Home again after 5 weeks away holidaying the southern part of Tasmania. 
Christmas and New Year was spent at the Huonville Caravan park, there for about 3 weeks the longest stay we have had there.
On our way down we called into a rest area called Antill Ponds which is approximately half way between Launceston and Hobart the latter being the Capital City of Tasmania.
Many years ago there was a railway station at Antill Ponds but that's all gone and nothing is there but a little bit further south is this lush green rest area where we stopped for a rest to stretch the legs.

The red marker is Antill Ponds.