Monday 31 August 2020

'Left of the Field' Caravan Park, Tasmania

Left of the Field Caravan Park is where we stayed next after New Norfolk.  The park is situated in a bush setting with large caravan sites with power, water, camp kitchen, shower, toilets and washing machine facilities.  We have our kitchen, washing machine, shower and so on in our caravan.

Here we had no TV, but we watched the news if we thought to and Netflix on our phones.
We stayed a few days and the old boot ladder was something different to see on the way to the office.

The old horse box does as a laundry, was rather amused to see this.

The above shows an empty site with a fire-pit in the middle there, you buy the wood at a small fee.
Below is on the way to the garbage disposal area and you can see a swing, the old type with ropes hanging from a tree.  I remember when much younger swinging on one of those.

The map just near the left is Mount Field National Park , to the right of that near the yellow road is 'Left of the Field' Caravan Park in Tasmania.  The Capital city Hobart is on on the bottom right of the map. 

Friday 28 August 2020

By the River Derwent

Holiday March 2020.  These photos were taken the day before we left New Norfolk then heading to the 'Left of Field', meaning left of Mt. Field National Park.

It was about this day that we first heard of Covid-19, unfortunately can't recall the date in March.

So the River Derwent is a long one, you can see the boat there through the trees.  It's a busy river in season as rowing is done along with water skiing and other water sports.

The below scene is of the parking area near the caravan park and by the River Derwent as next door a new Boat Club has been built with the finishing touches being done whilst we were there.


Wednesday 26 August 2020

Lake Godon, Tasmania.

After viewing  Lake Pedder in March 2020 we headed around to the Gorden Dam in this remote area of in the South West of Tasmania.  It was raining as one expects it to there.  We last visited in 2014.

A little information on Lake Gordon.
Lake Gordon is a reservoir created by the Gordon Dam on the upper reaches of the Gordon River in south-west Tasmania, Australia. The reservoir was formed in the early 1970s as a result of the dam construction by the HEC. (Hydro Electric Commission) It was the largest and most controversial hydro-electric power scheme in Tasmania.

Lake Gordon has a surface area of 272 km2 (105 sq mi), with storage capacity of 12.5 km3 (3.0 cu mi) of water, the equivalent of twenty-five times the amount of water in Port Jackson. (Sydney Harbour).
Lake Pedder is connected to Lake Gordon through the McPartlans Pass Canal.

 The scenery like below is all around you.

There are 196 steps down to side of the hill to be able to walk across the dam which is wider than it looks, we didn't do it this time due to rain, but don't think I could do it now I'm older.

Below is Seesaw Mountain, not listed on the maps of today. Taken on our way back to New Norkfolk.


Monday 24 August 2020

Lake Pedder, Tasmania.

The drive in March this year from New Norfolk where we were staying was a good one. We arrived at Lake Pedder in the south west of the Island about lunch time. No shops to buy anything, so I had packed a lunch.  It rained along the way and had just stopped in time to take these photos from the viewing platform.

The photos are similar to each other yet different.  A man standing next to us said the view reminded him of lakes in Scotland.

Lake Pedder was once a natural lake, located in the southwest of Tasmania, Australia but the name is now used in an official sense to refer to the much larger artificial impoundment and diversion lake formed when the original lake was expanded by damming in 1972 by the Hydro Electric Commission of Tasmania.
The new Lake Pedder has an area of about 242 km and it is considered to be the largest freshwater lake in Australia.


The photo above, this is what is called Teds Beach, the gravel is very fine and doesn't hurt the feet and there is coarse sand as you enter the water of Lake Pedder. We stayed here at Teds Beach some years ago in our other caravan we had with a couple of my cousins and their husbands, we had a great time.

Saturday 22 August 2020

Towards Lake Pedder

Still at New Norfolk in March 2020 we headed for another day drive to Lake Pedder in the South West.  Map below.

This is the view along the way into the wilderness.


Thursday 20 August 2020

Another days drive in New Norfolk, Tasmania

Back in March we went for another drive whilst staying at the caravan park.

Hops growing and taken with my phone.  The last photo was another day and we were headed to the Gorden Dam in the South Western area of Tasmania..A few years ago there was a big bush fire in the bush and many hectares of trees were burnt.

Wednesday 19 August 2020

A drive.

After we visited the park on the same day in March this year we went for a bit of a drive up the road and came across the sign below, then further along the road the house which was once a church.

  The Agrarian Kitchen Eatery is a Cooking School and farm, also caters for weddings. A link here .

Last photo is of a couple of Hop Kilns as you drive into New Norfolk, Tasmania.

Monday 17 August 2020

Tynwald Park, New Norfolk.

More of Tynwald Park in New Norfolk as you turn around from the river this is what you see plus us leaving in the vehicle.


Friday 14 August 2020

The Park

Tynwald Park in New Norfolk is a large area with  a few Soccer fields, football oval, playground and picnic areas.  We ventured there on a rainy day from the Caravan Park,
The photos are of part of the view there which includes the River Derwent.