Friday 29 November 2019

Manilla, Barraba NSW

Manilla NSW is not far north of Tamworth.  Last year we called into Manilla and did the same this year.
The old Bank which is not used as a bank anymore. The clock is gone!
About 2,550 people live in Manilla so it's said and it's a good place for hang gliding and paragliding along with ultra light aircraft.  There are a few big hills or mountains nearby.
There is a river called Manilla River but we didn't see it, I believe it will flood if enough rain.
The old rail bridges are Heritage listed.

On the way to Barraba NSW it's very obvious there is a drought.

The lady came to feed her animal she had fodder in a blue bag.

Wednesday 27 November 2019

On the hill. Tamworth NSW.

We stayed in Tamworth for a few nights which is north of Sandy Hollow. During our stay we went up a hill and took photos of the view of Tamworth.
The first photo is of the town clock.

Monday 25 November 2019

Caravan Park, Tamworth NSW

We stayed at night at Sandy Hollow, not a lot there to see so next morning we moved north to Tamworth in New South Wales.
These photos are of the Caravan Park we stayed in.
The pool, camp kitchen and TV room along the with barbecue area are all close together.   This are is one of the nicest I've seen in our travels since 2000.

Tamworth is the Capital of Country Music in Australia.

Tuesday morning I'm having a Cataract removed from my right eye - 7am, so I'm hoping that all will be well and to visit your blogs as usual.

Bats below just outside the caravan park as there is a river below where they are flying, they are on their way to another area.

Friday 22 November 2019

Blayney to Sandy Hollow NSW

Scenery along the Bylong Gighway NSW through a somewhat rugged area as we travelled from Blayney to Sandy Hollow NSW. We hadn't been through this way before. 
Some photos taken out the window others not.

The area called Growee, NSW

Area called Murrumbo

Bylong area in NSW

Down the hill if the area called Kerrabee, NSW

Murrumno, NSW

A long Paddock at Ginghi, NSW  There was a caravan parked on the side of the road but off the road with drovers looking after a great many cattle.  It appeared that the cattle would be there for sometime to come eating grass off the side of the road.

Wednesday 20 November 2019

Around Blayney

Blayney is a farming district and administrative centre not that far from Bathurst in NSW.  This is our first visit to the area.

 Little video of the Main Street in Blayney taken as we travelled along - I've made it slower..
The little video isn't that entertaining but it does show you the buildings of the shopping area.

A scene at Koorawatha on the way to Blayney.

Two photos at Woodstock, NSW

At Carcoar near Blayney a low cost caravan and motorhome park plus a wind farm near by.

A house in Blayney

A bird came to visit, so it posed well.

The caravan park and out caravan.

Not far from Blayney, we stopped for a quick rest.

Rylstone NSW is where we stopped and went walking along the street and visiting an antique shop just for a look.

Blayney is where the red marker is.