Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Around Blayney

Blayney is a farming district and administrative centre not that far from Bathurst in NSW.  This is our first visit to the area.

 Little video of the Main Street in Blayney taken as we travelled along - I've made it slower..
The little video isn't that entertaining but it does show you the buildings of the shopping area.

A scene at Koorawatha on the way to Blayney.

Two photos at Woodstock, NSW

At Carcoar near Blayney a low cost caravan and motorhome park plus a wind farm near by.

A house in Blayney

A bird came to visit, so it posed well.

The caravan park and out caravan.

Not far from Blayney, we stopped for a quick rest.

Rylstone NSW is where we stopped and went walking along the street and visiting an antique shop just for a look.

Blayney is where the red marker is.


  1. A somewhat different landscape in this area.
    Thanks for the video. : )

    1. Yes, it's different.
      Thanks re video...I was experimenting :)

  2. The fields with the scattered trees look very attractive, and still very green despite widespread drought.

    1. It was lovely and green, even though there is a big drought on it's not so much in some areas because some places have bore water that can be used for different things and other bore water can't be used and so on.

  3. What wonderful scenery. I like thae brid who stopped by for a photo.

    1. Was a tame birds several there.
      Pretty area through that way.

  4. A cámara lenta, has tomado muy bien el vídeo. Aunque mi cámara también hace vídeos, suelo dedicarla a hacer fotos.

    Me gustan también los paisajes de tus fotos.


  5. Replies
    1. Rather nice and would return if we were to go that way and stop again.

  6. The countryside at the time of your visit is in pristine condition.
    The rural fraternity would have been "over the moon".
    Haven't read,heard or seen any reports on fires in that area but just
    viewing the landscape seems the shire has done as much as possible to
    alleviate the possibility. Rural care is just so important.

    Love the "poo" sale sign. Industrious and enterprising - ha ha.
    Blayney is a lovely spot to live in except for those bloody freeing winds of winter.
    Great photos - magpies are really vain birds,eh??

    1. Oh yes, that magpie was very tame it even jumped on the step of the caravan.
      No fires in that area I believe and hopefully won't be..
      Pretty area through there.

  7. Me gusta el paisaje y la urraca es muy bonita. Besitos.

  8. Beautiful area and the bird was such a grear model☺

  9. I enjoyed your video.
    Didn't that bird pose well for you!
    Another nice selection of photographs … many thanks.

    All the best Jan

  10. great video :) lovely views specially from the woodstock are breathtakingly awesome :)

    1. Thanks Baili. Really pretty around the woodstock area, have to agree with you.