Friday 30 October 2020

Denison Beach, Tasmania

Denison Beach near Bicheno is a long sandy beach.
The weather wasn't the best when we visited a few years ago.
It's just a short drive from the highway on the east coast of Tasmania.

Wednesday 28 October 2020

The town of Bicheno, Tasmania

Photos from the past of Bicheno in Tasmania.  There is a lot more to the town than these photos. Population about 900 people.

1. Different area at Bicheno.
2. The fishing boat in the bay. 
3. The town of Bicheno and town beach.
4.  Seagulls enjoying a natter on the table.


Monday 26 October 2020

Down by the Gulch

Bicheno is on the east coast of Tasmania and is about 1 and a half hours drive to the east from my home.

Have shown some photos of the Gulch in Bicheno some time ago.  
These photos are different.
Gulch means a deep V shaped valley formed by erosion, this can be said of the East Coastal Village of Bicheno.
A small fishing village where abalone, crayfish, trevally, scallop and crayfish can be caught. The population increases in the summer time with holiday makers.
I hurt a muscle in my back about 4 days ago, and those who have done that will know how painful it is.
This is the first time I've used my computer and have been using my phone or iPad to comment on blogs etc.

Friday 23 October 2020

Flowers in Bicheno, Tasmania

We've often stayed in Bicheno on the east coast of Tasmania by the sea.  It's a sweet coastal town about 1 hour and 40 minutes from home. 
We usually stay in a caravan park, or at one of my 2nd cousins house when he's home which is not often.  Few times we have stayed with eldest sons wife's parents parked on their front lawn when they lived in Bicheno, these days they don't live there.
Of course I'm referring to staying in our caravan at those times.
The flowers are next door to where daughter in laws parents lived.

Azalea above and a Waratah below.

Above is a Pelargonium below is a Callistemon.

Wednesday 21 October 2020

Ranelagh Huonville, Tasmania

St. James's Church in Ranelagh Hunonville is an Anglican Church (Church of England) was built in 1896 the previous one built in wood was destroyed by fire.  The very first church was built of brick in 1853.  So three church in total.

These photos were taken in 2019 a few days after Christmas.

Monday 19 October 2020

The Amenities

Dreadful thing to happen, fire. 
On August 17, 2019 a fire engulfed the amenities building at the Huonville Caravan Park and it was burnt to the ground. 
Cause was a dryer, the filter in one of them had not been cleaned out so hence great damage was done.
By the time we arrived there in December 2019 for Christmas the amenities were rebuilt, so photos of the fire remains in the first photo then of the new amenities.
There are many toilets and showers as it's a rather large park.  Every shower has different tiles and shower head, there is certainly one suitable for everyone.

Friday 16 October 2020

A day drive

Whilst at Huonville at Christmas time 2019 we went for a few drives, this one was to find Rivers Edge another caravan park by the Huon River in the bush.  The views were taken on the way and then from the gate looking towards where the caravans were parked.

The photos give some idea of a rural scene down in the valley of Huonville, Tasmania.


Wednesday 14 October 2020

Fire Pit

Our Firpit in Huonville in the Caravan Park in slow motion, rather a weird sound as I didn't remove it.

 Below that Miss E and Master Z in my chair.  Then a couple of birds that came and went.

A man walked by and a child, seeing as they didn't see me I took a shot. Then two people kayaking on the river.


Monday 12 October 2020


Still Christmas time 2019 and Miss E, very first time Kayaking in Huonville, Tasmania.

Above is eldest son R and his son Master Z coming into shore.
Below are children not all that ladies :) playing in the sand.  Tons and tons of sand has been carted to the edge of the water for the children, the sand is very soft and not gritty.

Below we have Master Z with his big bubble and their family dog 'Summer'.