Monday, 9 December 2019

Crows Nest, Queensland.

We moved onto Crows Nest further north for a few nights.  We stayed there last year.

A statue of Jimmy Crow, an Aboriginal who lived in the area and gave the town its name is believed to have lived in a hollow tree.
The statue weights over a ton, and was cut from a block of Helidon freestone. 
Jimmy Crow was an exceptional tracker and traditional man.

A small restaurant at the Caravan Park which is rather popular. 

The water in the pond was as below in 2018. 2019 as above and of course a drought.

There are a few shops in Crows Nest which is not that far from Toowoomba to the east. There is also a small supermarket.

The Post Office and the Catholic Church.

Friday, 6 December 2019

Milllmerran, Queensland

We stopped in Millmerran, Q'land for about 3 days after travelling all that way, and finally we had arrived in the State of Queensland.  Had all the washing from when we left home and it was time to put a little lighter clothing on, though not warm it was warmer than what we had been through.
Caught up on my washing, 4 loads costing just $12.00, could have done it in my own washing machine but it would have taken too long as my machine is very small and great when you wash everyday or second day.

I found the lake at the caravan park to be rather low, much lower than it was in previous years when we stayed.  The grass around the caravan site was not that green, there also were not many people in the caravan park either.  A glimpse of Millmerran in 2017 here. This link will show better the water level in the lake.

There is a bushfire near Millmerran, the evacuation centre being the Showground..

The photos are from the internet supplied by the Fire Brigade of the fire near Millmerran, Queensland.  It appears some  houses are lost.

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Warialda to Texas

We continued onto  Warialda where we have stayed before, photos of the town are here.
On this post we have the 'oval' with lights on as the sunset.  In the morning time I took a photo across the road of that 'green' house.  Yes, I don't like houses painted that colour.
Then up the road on our way out a house with so many ornaments it's hard to see them all, but that is ok because the people that live there love them.
Then more photos as we travelled towards Texas and a sign not that far from Texas which is near enough on the border of New South Wales and Queensland, yet the weather was still not warm as we approached north in winter where it usually is warmer.

A good time was had at Warialda as we ventured with another couple staying at the caravan park to the golf club for dinner, a tasty Chinese meal where tablecloths were checked - wow, it's been sometime since I've sat at a dinning table with that type of cloth.

Monday, 2 December 2019

Mural at Barraba, NSW

The Mural below at Barraba NSW was done by Fintan Magee who's art is to admired. There is also another link to Fintan's work here
Andrew often does a Mural Monday, here.

Finan says, "Mural depicts a local water diviner searching for ground water, using a y-shaped twig or rod or two L-shaped ones.  Diviners study the landscape of a farm and walk over aras where they suspect the water may be located, ground minerals and magnetic forces force the sticks to cross or be pushed downwards when water is located.  Despite many studies claiming the technique is pseudo-science.  Diviners continue to be used throughout Australia as way of finding ground water."
Taken from Finan Magee Facebooks page.

After taking the photo we continued up the road toward Warialda, NSW stopping a few klm from the nights stop to have a walk about as one does get a bit stiff sitting for a fair while.
The photos are taken of the rest stop showing how dry the area is.
Even cacti will survive though sometimes, we did however see many of them dying.

Friday, 29 November 2019

Manilla, Barraba NSW

Manilla NSW is not far north of Tamworth.  Last year we called into Manilla and did the same this year.
The old Bank which is not used as a bank anymore. The clock is gone!
About 2,550 people live in Manilla so it's said and it's a good place for hang gliding and paragliding along with ultra light aircraft.  There are a few big hills or mountains nearby.
There is a river called Manilla River but we didn't see it, I believe it will flood if enough rain.
The old rail bridges are Heritage listed.

On the way to Barraba NSW it's very obvious there is a drought.

The lady came to feed her animal she had fodder in a blue bag.

Wednesday, 27 November 2019

On the hill. Tamworth NSW.

We stayed in Tamworth for a few nights which is north of Sandy Hollow. During our stay we went up a hill and took photos of the view of Tamworth.
The first photo is of the town clock.

Monday, 25 November 2019

Caravan Park, Tamworth NSW

We stayed at night at Sandy Hollow, not a lot there to see so next morning we moved north to Tamworth in New South Wales.
These photos are of the Caravan Park we stayed in.
The pool, camp kitchen and TV room along the with barbecue area are all close together.   This are is one of the nicest I've seen in our travels since 2000.

Tamworth is the Capital of Country Music in Australia.

Tuesday morning I'm having a Cataract removed from my right eye - 7am, so I'm hoping that all will be well and to visit your blogs as usual.

Bats below just outside the caravan park as there is a river below where they are flying, they are on their way to another area.