Wednesday 27 July 2011

Have sailed! A Journey

Sailed away into the sunset last night for a months holiday visiting our youngest son and his lovely family.
Today my husband & I shared the driving from Melbourne, Victoria to Parkes in NSW a distance of approximately 730km.
No time for breakfast on the ship, for we only had 40 minutes to get showed and ready then to be sitting in the vehicle ready to drive off the ship.
For breakfast we had a Jelly slice & a Vanilla Slice which we bought and ate at Nagambie.
Lunch was a sandwich somewhere between Finley & Narrandera.
Dinner was at the RSL club at Parkes.

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Sunday 24 July 2011

iPad 2 with Wi-Fi + next G

I bought myself a white iPad 2 about a month ago which is a Wi-Fi + 3G 64GB. Ordered and took about 3 weeks to arrive at the Mac Shop in my city.

Thought about what I had researched on the internet as to whether it was for me, so I decided that is was, easier than my laptop to pack/carry about from home to my father's house where I stay days, return with him to my house sometimes then take him home which is nearly a full time job within itself.
I knew I couldn't upload photos from my iPhone to this blog, so therefore the iPad would be the same. 
Books I could read on it for at night time we don't usually have the TV on as the flickering of the screen hurts my father's eyes, (remembering he's legally blind) he has 4% vision can tell day from night, plus see some objects at times. 
So I thought it would be easier to read books on the iPad than on my iPhone which it is.
I could play a few games on it, and I find this relaxing when and if my father falls asleep in the evening time, the iPad keeps things quiet and me occupied.
Each of our needs are different at certain times in our lives.

I wanted to connect my iPad to the internet from home with the Wi-Fi plus when I was away from home be able to connect with 3G which is nextG where I the fun began when I looked for a service provider, the only one that works or has the broader coverage is Telstra, so hence began looking for information as in cost plus being sent on a stupid goose chase finding a TShop that sold the nextG micro sim card.  
In the city where my father lives there is such a shop but they really didn't know what I was talking about, send me to another shop that 'would' sell what I wanted, alas that was another fruitless adventure, they sent me somewhere else and lastly I was told that there was not such thing as a nextG micro sim card with the carrier I preferred.  I came away from the city rather bewildered.

Next day I came to my own city, went into the Tshop and this great big women (sorry no offense intended) was extremely helpful, she knew exactly what I wanted, past it to me and said take it to the counter and we can activate it or you can if you wish when you are ready..I thanked her, and activated 2 weeks after purchase.  

Extremely pleased with my iPad 2, does what I expected it to do, can't upload photos to this blog which doesn't matter because that can be done when on my laptop or tower computer when home at my own house.

However due to download limit on the iPad 2 when away from home, I don't view blogs and keep away from sites that take the download/upload which is a little tricky at times because many sites have large photos and small videos.

The iPad 2 will be great when my husband and I go on holiday very soon.