Monday 24 June 2013

Grindelwald. Tasmania.

More of Sunday's photos at Grindelwald, Tasmania. Australia. 
I was pleased with the reflections.

Looking towards the shops, the putt putt and barbecue area.

The Spinning Water least it's sharp!

The Chapel and reflection.  There used to be swans in this lake, alas I didn't see any this time.

Bridge and a nice reflection.

The Bridge which was when I took the Wedding Photos was broken, thank goodness it's repaired.

The end of the Lake.

The Chapel, (back and side) and Lake

Sweet little Chapel. I did the photography for a Wedding here a couple of years ago.

The Tamar River, Rosevears, Tasmania. Australia.

Sunday 23 June 2013

Photos of a Sunday drive.

It's always nice to go for a drive on a Sunday especially after a frost because it's usually a beautiful day.
We went today and I took my new DSLR with me for a practice run.... I took 117 photos and was in my glee!

The Lake at Grindelwald.

Part of the Put Put Golf course.

Water near the entrance.

The Entrance to the shopping area.

Inside the shopping area looking back.

A pear orchid along the way.

Friday 21 June 2013


Amazing for some of our flowers are still blooming from summer time. Then a bulb is blooming rather early for late winter seeing it's just winter today. Then there are those that are supposed to bloom this time of year.

Gazania which will bloom all winter and beyond.

Nandina.  The darker the colour the colder it is.  Grows as a small bush.

Plumbago.  This flowers from end of November through summer, peaks in February & March and should be gone by now....not to be this year.  When flowers are gone it will be pruned.

Not sure why this bulb is blooming yet.

Nasturtium leaves, unusual for this time of year as we have had a few frosts - just waiting for a beauty then they will be gone to return to grow later in the year.

Wednesday 19 June 2013

Winter Sunset over the Sea. Devonport, Tasmania. Australia.

Devonport is in North Western Tasmania, Australia at the mouth of the Mersey River.  It's also known as the Gateway to Tasmania no doubt due to the Ferry from Devonport to Melbourne, Australia going across Bass Strait.
Devonport is a small city, and it's where my dad lives in his two story house. Today I took some photos of a typical winters sunset with a mild evening.

The first photo is the view from dads house, and the pink/orange can just been seen at the horizon along with a few clouds to the left.  The beach is to the right just down the hill, to the left is more ocean plus rural scenery.  From the kitchen, dinning room, lounge room, each of the 4 bedrooms, plus the billiard room along with the two garages, the patio upstairs and down I can see the sea.  My father of course knows of this view and sometimes can tell me what the sea is like, a lot of it is from memory :) for those whom don't know, my dad is legally blind.

The Rural View down level with the sea

This view is around from the beach and of course taken on our way home. (My husband and myself)

Sunday 16 June 2013

Custom House, Launceston. Tasmania. Australia.

Launceston was founded in 1806. The Custom House down by the North Esk River was built in 1885 and was used at one time for the role in the mining boom.

Monday 10 June 2013

Geraldton WA. HMAS Sydney 11 Memorial.

The HMAS Sydney ll Memorial is for me a place that touches my heart, it's beautifully done. A Memorial honouring 645 Australian sailors who were lost off the Western Australian coast during a World War ll battle.  This memorial is one of the loveliest I have seen.

Doves of Peace

A Women waiting and looking for her son to return - who never does.

The Great Southern Ocean, taken near the Memorial.

Friday 7 June 2013

Geraldton, Werstern Australia.

A few years ago we visited Geraldton in Western Australia after travelling many km across the top end of Australia and partly down the West Coast.  It was cooler of course, and instead of sandals I had been wearing, shoes were required. The heels had to be cleaned due to the red bull dust (red extremely fine soil/dust), so many hours of soaking and scrubbing finally cleaned the area.

We had to stay at Geraldton longer than intended due to the strong wind and it was a good time to rest.
It's an area of mining, sheep, growing wheat, and of course fishing.

This building was once part of the Victoria District Hospital, now the Visitors Center.

St. Francis Xavier Cathedral one of  Monsignor John Cyril Hawes finest works.
Earlier post of a church by the same person is in: Mullewa. WA

Inside the unusual orange in the church, Geraldton WA.

Tuesday 4 June 2013

Swan Hill, Victoria, Australia

Swan Hill in the State of Victoria is a sweet little town that we have travelled through a few times on our way up to Northern Australia.
We have stayed there as well, so hence I captured a photo of a Possum in a tree, most of the possums were a bit tame within the park, mostly they only come out at night.

Swan Hill is a farming area and the town sits on the southern side of the Murray River.  The Bridge was built in 1890 - 1896.

Taken from the banks of the Murray River, Swan Hill, Victoria.

Nothing like bending down underneath the bridge to get this shot.

The middle rises for the small ships to pass through.

In 1883 the first of several red brick water towers were built to supply the town with water.  Water was pumped from the river and into the top of the tower by wood - fired steam engine, and then flowed by gravity to surrounding businesses and private homes.  Some of the towers are still seen today.