Friday, 7 June 2013

Geraldton, Werstern Australia.

A few years ago we visited Geraldton in Western Australia after travelling many km across the top end of Australia and partly down the West Coast.  It was cooler of course, and instead of sandals I had been wearing, shoes were required. The heels had to be cleaned due to the red bull dust (red extremely fine soil/dust), so many hours of soaking and scrubbing finally cleaned the area.

We had to stay at Geraldton longer than intended due to the strong wind and it was a good time to rest.
It's an area of mining, sheep, growing wheat, and of course fishing.

This building was once part of the Victoria District Hospital, now the Visitors Center.

St. Francis Xavier Cathedral one of  Monsignor John Cyril Hawes finest works.
Earlier post of a church by the same person is in: Mullewa. WA

Inside the unusual orange in the church, Geraldton WA.


  1. That sure is different inside the church. A super information centre. I didn't see that but I remember the church.

    1. Very different inside the church. When we travel we can't see everything for many reasons.

  2. Oh M I love these shots the most unusual buildings come from your side of the world. Red dust wow I am glad it came out. Beautiful Photos. Hug G