Sunday 24 July 2016

Yorkeys Knob Beach, Queensland

Yorkeys Knob Beach is 11 klms from where we are staying in Cairns.
It has been raining for several days but now fine.
The other day we headed north to Yorkeys Knob, didn't see the turn off and ended up at Port Douglas some 60 klms north.  The next day we went to Yorkeys Knob paying more attention to the signs.
The patrolled beach and in the distance the tropical rain forests of Cairns.

Friday 15 July 2016

Some tropical trees

Went for a short drive a couple of days ago to Lake Morris, Cairns.
Beautiful trees lined the windy road.  The road is 16 klms long or short! and 218 big bends, some hairpin ones. (My husband counted them on the way down)

A photo of what those trees are like.

Tuesday 12 July 2016

Cardwell, Queensland.

We are now settled into a Caravan park in Cairns and loving the warm winter tropical weather at about 29 degC (84.2 deg F) during the day and 20 degC (68deg F) at night.
The mileage from Launceston to Cairns is about 3,500 km ( 2,174.799 miles) give or take a few, depends which route ones comes.

A photo of Cardwell which is not that far below Cairns. We stayed there for two nights.
Cardwell has changed in many respects.   A cyclone came ripping through the town in 2011.
The foreshore has been done beautifully.  Houses rebuilt, some escaped the cyclone.

It's the Coral Sea, and part of Hinchinbrook Island where a special Lady once lived.

Wednesday 6 July 2016

Flower I haven't seen before!

The Philodendron flower is new to me.  Saw one in the garden at a Caravan Park in Rockhampton, Queensland a few days back, plus many klms back.  Have a photo of the leaf as well.

We are now in Ayr travelling to Cardwell for two night then to Cairns and surrounding area for about 4 weeks.
Winter temperature today was 29 degC (82.4F)
See map below of where Cairns is.

Where were are headed is where the red marker is.