Monday 15 August 2011

Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Australia

Our two grandchildren, aged 5 & 3 using my iPad.

The 3 year old wanted me to take her helmut off, so hence the look on her face.

Things often can go wrong when you are on holidays. My hair dryer died, the GPS died then half came back to life. Now we each have the same virus, so we are keeing to ourselves for a few days. They say things come in threes!


  1. What adorable grandchildren! I used to get the same look on my face as your 3-year old when I was doing my math homework.

  2. adorable grand children. Sorry to hear of the mishaps and i hope you all get well soon. Nothing worse than being sick on holidays. How long will yo be in Qld. We are in Sydney until next monday but you are welcome to call in on your way home if you are nearby.

  3. Clint,

    We have been up here 3 weeks and leave to travel down this Saturday inland.
    Thanks for the kind invitation, would take you up on that if we were going your way and if you were home :)
    Have a nice time in Sydney.


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