Monday, 1 August 2011

What is Present!

Arrived at our destination on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia some 1,800km approx. from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia a few days ago.
We passed many types of terrain, farmland, canola growing, cotton bales, wheat to name a few..also land that will not grow anything. Towns are sometimes over 220km apart.
Coming up inland mainly on the Newell Highway.

Nagambie Lake where the Olympic Rowing was held in 2000.

 Having a rest in a rest area before the town of Dubbo NSW.

An Australian Gumtree.
We stayed in Motels at night, had breakfast in motel, lunch at a cafe along the way and dinner in the evening at RSL Club or Service Club.
Now we are settled in the apartment with a dishwasher, hotplates, oven, microwave, washing machine, clothes dryer, ironing board plus much more. Including all of the linen that we will need.
The apartment will be serviced 2 times a week! So not a lot of house work for me giving me more time with my 2 little grandchildren.

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  1. There already. I'm amazed that you had time to take photos. I'm glad that you got Blogpress to work. I haven't tried but Bill reckons his photos are blurry when he uploads from a file on the iPad he read that he needs to upload from Piccasa, is that true? How do you upload the photos?

  2. M I am so happy you have your new iPod it is great that you can blog and go. I know you are having a wonderful time with those Grandchildren. Your photos are fantastic. Have fun. G

  3. Thanks's good the iPad.
    You will get one, oneday :)
    Love M

  4. Diane, I answered part of your comment on my previous post in the comment area :)

    So pleased you told me about Blogpress.
    I have a private Picasa photo album with same login & password as my blog.
    I went to BlogPress and where it says - save photos to - there is an option there to add the - name of your blog - I remember some how my blog name appeared in that same area so I ticked it so my blog photos that I post from my iPad go into that Picasa album.
    Hope you can follow that.

    Photos are not clear when uploaded from BlogPress (as you stated)....which is a pity. I have my laptop with me so therefore I can make my photos smaller, then sharpen them as necessary, to post on laptop.
    I hope in the future that BlogPress will have the photos not fuzzy when uploaded from their application, however it's good to write text in and save or post without photos etc.

    Hope that has been of some help...