Friday, 28 October 2011

Amazon Kindle

For nearly 2 years I have been thinking of buying an Amazon Kindle e book reader but always put it off.  Now they are sold locally I had a peek and after several weeks decided I would like one, more importantly I would use it. 
I had my father in mind as well because the Kindle has 'text to speech', so if I had a book he might like to 'hear' it read to him whilst I was staying at his house each week. Great idea, we can choose a male of female voice, slow, medium or faster...great.  He can put his earphone on and plug that in as well so my husband and I can't hear.
It's easy on the eyes is the text, and yes, I can read my books outside, no glare just can't praise the Kindle enough.  
I don't have to have paper to hold onto when I read and it's a great place to store books.
They can be removed onto your computer very easily and new ones put back on if necessary.  I can connect to my Wi-Fi if I want to, it also comes with 3G.
Due to my life style it's easier for me and good for me to share with my father. 
My husband!  He doesn't read novels only on a rare occasion.

The Amazon Kindle e reader in it's box.

The users guide.


  1. good idea for your dad. i think he'd enjoy it. i think a lot of ebooks are free too or very well priced. they have come down in price too which is always good.

  2. Sometimes new technology is a boon. Sometimes it can be frustrating. Happy reading.

  3. Looks good, it would be better than having a lot of paper books. Your would enjoy it I think.
    C ya

  4. yevish,
    my dad does enjoy the ebook...there are lots of free books about on the net which is good.

    Oh my Diane, I have been reading much more than I normally would, I hope I keep it up.

    Lovely to see that you are back - and yes all your books on the Kindle and backup on a computer or CD/DVD.