Monday, 31 October 2011

It's Exciting!

For me it's exciting to receive the products I ordered online.  I am not really an internet shopper, but I was told about being able to purchase makeup at the link above for a much lesser price than in the stores. Many brands are available,  but not all products are available all of the time, however I kept an eye on this site watching and procrastinating, finally I took the plunge for me and bought some eye shadow.
I received 2 free gifts.
I ordered and products arrived today = 3 working days, free freight and delivered to the door.  What more could one ask for!

The Eye Makeup Case.

Lime colour Eye Shadow which I will use to lighten and open my eyes.
The darker colour Eye Shadow for the outer corners.

My free gift, I chose the colour plus there was eye shadow to choose from.

Last but not least is the Strawberrynet carry bag.


  1. ooooh how exciting. isn't it lovely to receive those purchases in the mail? i love the eyeshadow and will check out the site. having said all that, i'm trying desperately hard to resist ebay. i haven't bought anything for nearly a week. although i did buy some bras yesterday from catch of the day. not ebay though. enjoy your lovely gifts and make up. :)

  2. Oh M what a great buy. I can see your beautiful eyes now. G

  3. yevisha,
    Oh yes, it was great to receive...I often visit ebay and do you know I can't think of anything to buy from that tells me I must have too much :)

    Was a good buy...$16.50AUD for eye shadows each..thanks re my eyes :)

  4. That was a good buy. I still haven't ventured into online buying.